A Possible Thought for Renaissance

World Is In Chaos and Decadence

The whole planet has set itself upon a path to step into the dark ages. The Signs are there, Clearly for all to see.

A planet which went through hell,twice.. barely a century ago(All records are there to prove what exactly went down,unlike the Real Dark Ages) have chosen to forget everything the people of the planet came to surmise…The feeling of crawling put of despair and AT LEAST  create a world where everybody can live in harmoniously.

All that thought is defeated all too quickly..Why Not ?…Guns were there in excess,People with greed and People to encourage those with greed and The worst of the lot..People afraid to stop them from taking what they wanted.

We are a nation of  THE Worst sort of Humans Imaginable.. We’re ones who watch everyday while the gains of honest labor of hard working people is snatched off unceremoniously by any and every Fool who sits in a position of power with the only Infallible Ideology of Nepotism to guide his life.

Did any of us review the state of their minds objectively ?..Yes…We’re aware of all this and more..

Funny.. Nothing’s been done about it Till now ..Hence, we have to come to a Single conclusive statement.

Our “Parents,Teachers and All Elders” are the ones who have failed us so far..Each and Every Single one of them together as a collective whole. They have allowed this state of  Blatant failure in a system to persist.. as a Parasite to feed on the host taking a cut out of every single effort they have ever put in their life and blood to get each one of themselves a comfort in a lifestyle which is frankly,at the least 10% of what their effort truly deserves.

For those of you whose parents have managed to cheat,extort or do any of the million things to expropriate money through their own nefarious means, Just enjoy the bliss given to you…You’ll know it’s you if you’re reading this anyhow..I’ve had friends or known people so..There’s no grudge against you..yet.

And now, It’s us in our early 20s or just passin out of school to take the next step and enter this vicious circle of guilt mixed with self defeat and bend over with necks out stretched to offer everything we’ve got to them.

I wouldn’t say I have great hope in our generation at all…All I see around me are people ready to do anything for a job like submitting themselves to mindless IT companies who love to populate their staff with people doing routine desk jobs which a no good loafer could perform with a flourish and look around to see people with a better ability than that performing the same task mindlessly..day after day after day.

 In Retrospect, There is no significant change at all…”Educated people” have always been bitching about the ‘damn politicians stealing all our money’ since the inception of the Administrative Mafia..i mean, Congress.

So the current scene of people bitching about it is no big surprise .. you’ll grow up to advice your kids to stop wasting their time in these talks and to concentrate on something better than that.


I really have no inclination toward the present anti corruption movement to be honest…I cannot predict how things are gonna turn..and I’ll tell you exactly why..

This whole movement is being driven by pure sentiment…We apparently achieved our Independence through the same sentiment but it’s all a load of Hogwash tied up by this silly mania..

Objectively speaking,the British had sucked us dry enough and they had their own internal problems to worry about without having to control a country of restless people anyway…

Maybe I’m generalizing too much here.. maybe I’m “talkin shit” as my Delusional Patriotic friends might say.

Here are two Dates in History to Push your thought in this direction.

End Of World War II : May 1945

India’s Independence: August 1947

I mean, Are we ALL a bunch of sentimental fools to not realize the simple significance of the two dates in history and to analyze the causes and effect of these two MONUMENTAL occasions in history ?

All that was left over was a landmass split due to administrative reasons to have a drastic escalating scale of violence and strife motivated due to .. .. Sentiment and Religious motivations.

A complete lack of awareness of the system and it’s workings and the tendency of ours to take knowledge given to us at it’s face value and not to question Anything which we’re told..Respect it seems..i’ve Lost all respect for everyone mixed up in this mess.

This kind of a State of things will never work…There are Cunning,if not educated people who always exist in order to take control of people motivated by blind sentiment…There is always present a self destructive energy in people to go fall on the feet of the next guy to call himself a Patriarch.

It has happened and very much might happen again..

The Way the World needs to Go.

The Whole Government is corrupt…The system is corrupt and putting a system on top of that system to Question it’s every workings is not my idea of a Remedy to this anyway.

I’m a Humanitarian and Firmly believe the world needs to develop together as a Whole collective consciousness.

The present running of the world is a disaster…Armament,Diseases,A total undermining of philosophy and the highest of human sciences..Psychology..why, my very own family tells me to stop talking of silly things and Instead channel my thoughts toward Human Resource.(they are in plain words, Corporate Rowdies who are equipped with power to hire and fire…Not too unlike the govt.’s system, but that’s another topic)

What really Bugs me is that people live their lives with No hope..It’s a simple enough conclusion I had to make.

Every person I’ve met in my lifetime firmly believes in the concept of Hell or judgement day,that one day for reasons unknown,they will be tortured in some abstract universe BUT,not a single person shows anything but contempt and a superior feeling that it is Impossible for there Ever to be Utopia.

Why,the very definition for the term suggests every living human’s take on this:

u·to·pi·a (n.)1.

a. often Utopia An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.
b. A work of fiction describing a utopia.
2. An impractical, idealistic scheme for social and political reform.
Impractical ?!…Idealistic ?!!.
Riiight… I would b much MORE inclined toward calling my Soul being damned to hell than to believe a perfect human civilization to be possible..
Ironically,here’s the Hell everybody expects to reach someday….and it’s all in our own making.
I have Complete and Implicit Faith only and In certain Organizations who dedicate their Entire Lives to the Progress Of  humanity and who achieve some good before they too, pass on and a new age comes forth with new problems, more guns and people with an idiosyncrantic fascination toward guns and killing and redundant concepts like religion, etc.
The word is ZEITGEIST.
This is an organization who project the exact same vision I had toward a world I would be happy to live in and who’s aims and morals is straighforward…beginning with the rapid restructuring and rebuilding the world…
We already went through a rapid change in lifestyle and technology in the Past..as to why exactly it’s not associated with the word, Renaissance is due the looming threat and insecurity of WAR…Cold war to be exact..now those useless weapons are sold to create proxy terrorism and to Hold People to ransom and fear for their own lives.
We don’t need more of that shit….Governments with Delusional Psycopaths advocating armament and spending almost ALL of human resource on the Filthy military world over.
I’ll say, we have to have NGO’s and True to cause organizations like Zeitgeist running things…
Face it..
  • Would you have an Illiterate Murdering Rapist to be an Environment minister or someone highly educated and dedicated ?
  • Would you have an Illiterate Murdering Rapist to be a Health Minister or someone highly educated and dedicated ?
  • Would you have an Illiterate Murdering Rapist be ANY fuckin minister or someone highly educated and dedicated ?
The answer to what you may want is pretty simple…the Solution is Near impossible to achieve.
Let me paint you a picture of our country If  they were running things..
  • There would be stringent rules for pollution and the whole nation will be neat ..just associate the current state of sanitation to the state of administration
  • There will be the highest emphasis on Pioneering technology which will make our living comfortable and amazing..unlike entire allocations for research to go into some random middleman’s pockets
  • There will be 100% literacy and a broad minded view instilled in people and most importantly, they WILL be AWARE of the system the world runs in…unlike the illiterate,murdering thieves keeping people deliberately unaware of every one of their activities and using their Sentiment to get things done.
In ConclusionInstead of our best minds migrating elsewhere to work for corporations,there will be an influx of the best minds on earth who have similar humanitarian mindset to develop technologies and systems which can augment the relief efforts everywhere in the world..to eradicate diseases, to end the dependence on petroleum ..BASICALLY,to make us live life the way we,as humans were meant to Live…

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  1. Santosh kumar Tiwary

    Tons of money but greed still not encashed,arrogant aura,camouflage face
    New elite of human race

  2. explore inner space as well as outer! i guess its true. but with a country over flowing with self respected, non humanitarian morons, i guess its a select few who really like to change the scenario… how do we bring a change then?

    • If every person was AWARE…AWAKENED….that would change things…look at the behavior patterns man…a 1000 people will stand in a circle and watch 5 rowdies beat up a single guy but not a single will step forward to help him..That’s a reflection of what they would do when confronted with blatant corruption in their everyday life…i mean, does a SIngle guy alone walk into some random govt office each day…with what thoughts do people look at each other when they stand in line,pay bribes and walk away to continue their sub-standard lives ??

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