I wonder what took people so long to just start writing me letters. My bodyguards and PR execs have given me the green signal to interact with my fans on a daily basis. Therefore I was busy doing that, instead of blogging. In Russia.

Also, Russian women are hot.

Meet Ivana, my new bride

Here’s the letter :

Highly Well-Respected Sir,

I call myself U.Oruvan. I am the sole brother of Oman Thuraisingam. I am big fan of yours, truly. You are funniest person, funnier than other funny persons. Please give me autographed T-shirt.

I will get on with my letter now, ok.

There are protests happening in India no. All people bugged with this random corruption and all are out protesting. Even I wanted to organize and make people participate in my hometown Chennai. Some people call it city, but I call it town.

My mother said no to all this, she said sit and study.

Yet, we started and participated in the protest. We had added a “+1” to the protester headcount. Inspired by Google see. We literally stuck a +1 to every protester who entered. We had made 1 lakh of these +1 cards. Then we did subtraction and all that. You get the picture, I am sure. You are certified super-genius.

When I went for the first time, there were a few hundred people, the second day a few thousand, and today atleast thrice that.

This is not enough. What good are thousand people in a town of over 5 million people?

For a reason that is beyond my understanding, very few people seem to understand the magnitude or importance or relevance of the Jan Lokpal protests!

Arguably, it has to be the biggest protest/struggle since we got Independence, apart from when Slumdog Millionaire was released. Never has an issue of such magnitude, national importance and far-reaching consequences arisen over the past 65 years!

All my time doing all this might have probably been spent in vain. But, still there exists a substantial chance of this succeeding no? That dream is what I pray for.

Here is a poem-slogan thing that I composed :

And thus, my day ends.
But this is just the beginning. . .

Do you want to give your children a corrupt India?!
Do your part for the country when it needs you the most.
Will you answer your nation’s call ??
Can you be your nation’s hero ?!

If there is one guy who benefits from all these protests, if there is ONE less corrupt official in the government, my job is done.
50 Years from now, I hope to look back on this period as one that ushered in better times for the nation.
That day, I will stand up proudly and say, “I was there.”

I had not invented the wheel.
I had not started a revolution.
I had not changed the country.

Yet, I shall sleep content tonight.
I had tried. I had played a part. .

Play the part with me!

Join the Jan Lokpal fast with Anna !
Venue : 153, LB Road, Adyar (Near Adyar Depot)

What I am actually trying to say is, I want your help in recommending this to people you know or you don’t know. I am passionate about this, and I hope you are too.

Your average Indian,
Unnaipol Oruvan.

So there you are. A guy who is my fan and not such a big fan of corruption wants my help in solving his problem. MINE ! Does this prove how awesome I am or what?

Proof that I'm awesome and a certified-super genius.

So I’ll do what I should do and tell you what you should do :

  • Are you Indian?
  • Are you in India ?
  • Are you in Chennai ?
  • Are you sick of paying bribes for tiny little wimpy things?
  • Are you sick of sucking up to those ball-less government officials who want to bug you and rip you off, for an ego boost?

If you answered anything other than “HELL YEAH” to all this, still feel free to go and have a look. It’s not often anything of interest happens in Chennai (OH SNAP), when it does – I don’t think you goofs should miss it. Particularly when it happens for a valid reason.

Now goodbye, pathetic organic mortals, while I bask in the glory of having fans who want my help.

And check out our ‘FACEBOOK FAN PAGE‘ too !

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  1. Ok. Beautiful.

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