I’ve had it upto here with this stupid corruption debate. I’ve really had it. I’ve made so many posts on corruption, but I’ve failed to hit the metaphorical nails on their fucking heads. So I’ve decided to make a shitload of clarifications to whoever the fuck is concerned about them.

1. Reasons for what is going on.

Civil servants. Politicians. It’s no secret that these guys are the major cause of corruption. If you deny that, maybe you have to do some soul-searching yourself.

Anyway, check this out. In that link, you have this company that has not paid a bribe since its inception in 1989. Hats off to them, then.

Do you know the disadvantage that comes with not paying bribes? Time is lost. Plenty of time.

And do you know whats most important to keep this economy chugging along? Time. Time is precious. I’m not talking time by seconds, but time by days or weeks. If things don’t get done quickly, then things don’t get done.

For example, if you want to start a factory to make, say, guitar cover cases, you have to get a permit. Getting these permits is an incredibly time-consuming and irritating and arbitrary process. It shouldn’t be that long drawn. It shouldn’t be arbitrary. But it is. They can deny you your permit 10 years after you applied for one.

And that bothers me. The Government permeates into every little aspect of our life. Want a license? Go to bureaucrats. Want a passport? Go to bureaucrats. Want a license to trade clothes? Go to bureaucrats. Want to get your water connection fixed? Go to bureaucrats. Want to import a car from outside India? Go to bureaucrats.

And do you know the problem with these idiots? They are slow. They are not bothered about anything. They expect bribes now, to do their job properly. I’ll get to the part where we actually pay bribes later.

Now, do you know why they’re not bothered about anything? Because they can’t lose their job. It’s a Government job. You can’t fire Government employees. You can suspend them, not fire them. So they’ll do whatever the fuck they want, and try to make a quick buck on the side.

I’m not even getting started on politicians here – how they misuse office or position to make money is well documented.

This image has been doing the rounds, and though I doubt if its correct ($21 trillion is a lot), it gives you an idea as to how complicit most civil servants/politicians are with respect to corruption :

Are you beginning to see the problem here? We need a stronger law than whatever exists now. We need legal accountability.

We also need a sense of accountability installed in the minds of whoever represents the Government, in whatever way. That doesn’t exist now – which is why they are so nonchalant and arrogant about everything. They should be afraid. They should be made aware that what they do has a consequence – jail.

And we definitely need freedom from this stupid nonsense that I’ve just typed out up there. Things should get more streamlined, not complicated. So many industrialists have observed that the growth in India is despite all this stupid dysfunction.

How long can this go on? Seriously, how long? There are already some hints that multinationals and corporations in general are unhappy with the economic climate in India.

How long can you frustrate a sizeable fraction of the population and not bother about what they say? Isn’t India is growing? People’s needs have changed. And when there is an impediment to getting those needs, they get pissed.

This is why we have an overwhelming outpouring of emotions on the streets now. Not because they only want a seemingly dangerous Lokpal (most know it wont be passed by either the LS itself or the RS), not because they only support Anna Hazare, but because they’re basically and totally fucking pissed with corruption.

Yes, the people also know the Lokpal alone won’t be enough, that it’s not a magic wand to end corruption. But when a corrupt government is seen dragging its feet on an issue like this, then it irritates the ever-loving hell out of the people.

Basically, people are saying “Enough is enough”.

2. And ?

Instead of being a smartass and questioning the movement, (either as a Government stooge or as a NRI), step the fuck up and do something.

So many freaking people have said “Anna Hazare has disrespected the NAC and the Parliament”. Nandan Nilekani wondered why people are on the roads when the bill is on the table of the NAC.

Really? The NAC has it? No, with all due respect, we don’t really care. The Governments version of the Bill is pathetic and weak. It’ll just make corruption worse, not improve it. They not only have to audacity to completely ignore the voices of the people, but also do something thats opposite to what the people want – the very people who they are supposedly “representing”.

Infact, all Mr.Hazare and co wanted was both versions of the Bill introduced in Parliament, and allowing the Parliament to choose. This did not happen.

They also keep saying Parliament is full of elected reps. These representatives, who do they represent? My dog, perhaps? Actually, they represent a constituency full of people. They not only represent that constituency, but in principle they represent the people of India.

And in Delhi, and across urban India, people seem to want a strong Lokpal Bill. You know what? Those people are represented by these representatives. So the next time anyone throws this representative bullshit on TV, I swear I will kick a cat straight to Mars. You serve us, Mr.Politician, not the other way around.

Also, why are we now supposed to trust our elected representatives to “make the best choices and decisions” for us? Most of them are criminals and murderers and have been in jail. Why should we trust them? What have they done to command our trust?

So many people also say “this movement will set a precedent for more things like this in the future”, as if “precedent” is the worlds worst word. So what if a precedent is set? How is that bad? Do they mean “Anna Hazare is dictating terms to the Parliament”? Are they saying “Laws are being formed on the street”?

Those arguments are BULL.SHIT. because no other issue irritates the fucking core of such a large number of people in India as corruption does. I mean, if 50000 people decide to sit outside Parliament and protest for a tax-free India, how much support do you think they’ll find? Rest assured they won’t find support outside Delhi or even in the bigpartycircusTRP that is the Indian media.

Instead of actually doing something about what the people want, the Congress has time and again shown how disconnected it is with the pulse of the urban Indians by saying utterly complete, absurd, crappy, nonsensical, idiotic, retarded, fundamentally stupid SHIT like “this movement is orchestrated by external powers who would not like to see India succeed” and “this is being done by a man with no organization. Who is doing everything on the internets and facebooks and twitters?”

And this Manish Tiwari had the balls to attack Anna personally even now. And Chidambaram’s son actually said “So what if the Bill is weak? Amendments can be made in the future”. Seriously, just STFU Congress, enough of your toying around. Either do your freaking job or be voted out in 2014.


3. What can be done ?

1. Support Mr.Hazare’s movement.

So many people ask “How is it Mr.Hazare’s movement? Who put him in charge?” and my only answer to that is – stop thinking politically.

No one needs to ‘put’ anyone in charge. Anna started this movement that no cynical bastard Indian was willing to do so far and now you start questioning him. How come you did not do it, Mr.Cynic?

Oh because you were not interested? Then STFU.

And if you must know who put him in charge, the people who are supporting him did. Example, me. I don’t for one minute question his authority on this. He’s doing something I could have never done. He is going up against The Man. He’s giving so many fingers to The Man that if you don’t support him, you’re worse than the goo that comes out of my nose when I have cold.

And for those who say “Ask him to join politics if he wants to do all this”, why should he? Should ANY change in this country be brought about by politics? Is this a democracy or a politicocracy?

So instead of putting forward stupid useless questions and deviating from the main topic at hand (END CORRUPTION), support him.

2. Introspect

Are you corrupt? It’s no hidden fact that most Indians actually are – because we either take or give bribes. So lets think about this logically.

a) Was a bribe demanded/hinted at by a civil servant, to do his job?

b) Was a bribe demanded/hinted at by a non-civil servant, to do his job?

c) Did you offer to pay a non-demanded bribe to either a civil servant or a non-civil servant to get your thing done for whatever reason?

d) Were you breaking the law when this bribe was offered (by you) or demanded/hinted (by other party)?

If you answered “Yes” to (a) and (b), and “No” to (c) and (d), then it’s probably ok – relatively speaking.

If it was an emergency (you HAD to get your passport to visit a sick and dying relative abroad), then it’s mostly ok. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Civil servants are not known for sensitivity.

If it was not an emergency (you need to get into this college but they’re asking for money), then it’s not ok. Start feeling bad.

If it was a crime you did (you ran over someone and need to hushhush it up), then ButtChocolate will find you and punish you.

On that note, those who say we can’t even demand an end to corruption because we’re only corrupt – you’re all idiots. I can safely and randomly estimate using only my common sense that 7/10 bribe paying Indians do so because it is demanded – they don’t do it by choice. They do it because they are forced to.

I mean seriously, do you think they will willingly part with their money that easily? Think about it : if people are forced to pay a bribe to get even basic things done (and if they don’t, they don’t get said basic thing done), then what choice do you think people have?

And I know that just because they’re forced to pay a bribe doesn’t mean it becomes ok – paying bribes is still a horrible way of getting things done. But instead of equating all corruption (bribes form only a fraction), grade it from “Not so bad” to “DEVILISHLY BAD”.

4. Conclusion.

I fully agree that it takes two hands to clap. However, the bribe-takers must be punished first, because more often than not, they abuse their position and power and demand or accept bribes.

And it must be made absolutely clear here : Corruption will not end even if the Lokpal is passed in all its independent ideal glory. It may take even 30 years for corruption to reduce to negligible levels, but we need to make a start sometime, right?

The Lokpal alone isn’t going to wipe out corruption even if we make a start. We need other things too. For example, independence of the police and clearing the backlog in the Judiciary come right off the top of my head. But this is just a step in the right direction, and when the Government dillydallies on even that and is surprised when people go apeshit, it is saying something.

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  1. wisetongue19, you make politics worth reading. love your work… 🙂

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