Fast Farce

OK, so we’re clearly having a lot of unrest politically. And we’ve found ourselves a new hero: Kisan Hazare a.k.a Anna, our modern day Gandhi, the spearhead of (alleged) Freedom Movement 2. Or is it?

Let’s go back to 8th standard social studies now. From the inception of our constitution, the legislature and the judiciary were intended to be two mutually exclusive institutions; the judiciary having the power to try the legislature if necessary.

Well not any more! Apparently, we need a Lokpal to oversee the corruption issues. Fair enough. Playing along, let’s assume that does come into being. What if eventually corruption infiltrates the Lokpal as it did to every other government body? Go on another series of hunger strikes and form another body to supersede it? The result would just be an infinite staircase to ‘justice’. Thus the metaphorical buck never stops (God bless Harry Truman!).

The general hope is that it will stop at Lokpal, but history has taught us better. I’m not against Lokpal. Hell no. If implemented well it’s probably the best thing to have ever happened around here. I’m just fairly confident that the implementation will be grossly messed up. That’s not pessimism. That’s just logical deduction.

From what i’ve observed, the common man’s understanding of the Lokpal is this:

  •  Anna Hazare is against corruption.
  •  Passing of the Lokpal bill wish abolish corruption.
  •  The government is against Lokpal.
  •  Ergo the government supports corruption.

Even the Congress is not dumb enough to publicly endorse corruption!

As a nation we always seem to want a hero to worship. Now we have our latest. Oh don’t get me wrong, I have great respect and admiration for Anna and his work; especially in Ralegaon Siddhi. And I strongly oppose his arrest. I still believe his intentions are noble. However I do not see the necessity to resort to blackmail. The whole “my way or the highway” approach is a total put off. I’m sure my own comrades in ‘crapping’ would slay me for that one! The war against corruption is one’s own to fight. If you can fight the temptation to jump a queue by tipping off a clerk then you’ve started to win it already.

The number of people joining the protest is quite overwhelming. The hypocrisy doesn’t cease to amuse me. Flash news people: it is not a hunger strike if you land up there after lunch and get back home in time for dinner only to see that your face appeared in the day’s coverage of events on TV. And not to forget the part where you pay off a traffic cop because you ran a signal en route (I can almost see you blushing with shame there).

The whole concept of hunger strikes started by Gandhi was an actual stroke of genius. Who would’ve thought not eating could achieve so much. Or that so many people would be truly committed to such a movement. But as always, sequels never live up to the mark. It worked at a time when the scenario was different; people’s priorities were different. Again, disclaimer alert: I’m not advocating for corruption. I hate it just as much as the next guy if not more. I just wish it’d been approached more realistically. It’s easy to criticize the system, I’ve been told. Then again if i had the solution I wouldn’t be writing this would I? And all you self satisfied people gleaming with pride on attending the fasts, I’ve one thing to say: don’t kid yourselves.

PS: Most of you are probably going to trash me for the above, so i deem it prudent not to reply to any comment that may be posted!

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  1. since the two of you ask so nicely, here’s me again.
    wisetongue do note i say i have utmost respect for hazare and his intentions. what i mock is only the ignorance of the majority of the population who ‘support’ it. and no i dont assume everyone does it to show off, i believe a large number seem to feel a sense of achievement to have supported a cause that they do not fully understand. and yeah i forgot the hope part. be hopeful man we need that. all i was trying to do was a reality check. stop hypocrisy. start thinking. (oh i’ve inadvertently become one myself commenting)

  2. 1. blackmail is the only language government will understand. sitting and talking with a bunch of politicians, expecting them to create a law that will prosecute their own is even more “kidding ourselves”

    2. there’s no guarantee of anything anywhere. if even the lokpal becomes corrupt, then we can’t really do anything. but if that reasoning is the logic being your cynical post, then as loosecannon said, i can’t rebut it. you can have your views.

    3. is there any harm in trying? people atleast go and attend the “Fasts”, even if they dont fast themselves, they do it out of concern or for showing off. you seem to assume everyone does it to just “show off”, like joining causes on facebook.

    4. whats unrealistic about this? do you know what anna hazare said? he wanted the government to introduce both bills to parliament, where the MPs will argue about it, knock it down and make additions and ultimately and hopefully, pass one version.
    do you know what the government did after promising they’ll do that? they introduced only their useless pathetic version to the NAC.
    why CANT anna hazare fast after being taken for a ride?

    5. no one is forcing anyone to support this movement. if people DO support it, it must be because of whatever screwed reasoning they have that ultimately boils down to “i hate corruption and paying bribes”. if that’s also wrong, then as a country we’re doomed, because it seems to have more people than you (cynics) than me (angry but hopeful)

  3. i own this blog, i created it. so i have one big damning question that i want you to answer : who are you?
    if you’re a new poster..give me a heads up, so that i can create some lame artwork for you and add you to “the authors”

  4. I appreciate your viewpoints, and I can’t really argue with most of them – if you say the Lokpal COULD become corrupt, I can’t rebut by saying that there’s no chance of that. However, why not give it a try? If it fails, we can resign ourselves to corruption for the rest of our lives.
    And, I grossly disagree with one of your statements. “As a nation, we always want a hero to worship…”. Sorry, that is MOST DEFINITELY not the case. In political matters, the mentality of the country is now critical and cynical. That is why we have not been able to find a proper, charismatic leader since the days of Gandhi and Nehru (who were virtually blameless). When a good leader emerges, his opponents manage to throw mud at him, and the people fall for it and refuse to listen to him any more, even if what he is saying has its merits. This is in fact the bane of our country and this is why we have desperate coalition politics.
    Look at Anna Hazare, he’s forgoing his food for the cause he believes in! You may feel that the method is not appropriate, but at the same time it confirms his sincerity. It would have been easy for him to go and shout slogans or make statements in the press. Instead, he’s taking it personally and NOT EATING! How easy would it be for you to do that? I think Anna Hazare deserves all the respect he gets. It’s bordering on blackmail, no doubt. You may question the necessity of the extreme measures, since the Lokpal is not an assured quick-fix. A valid point, and if it fails the detractors will bemoan that he wasted the country’s time and energy. All I’m saying is – can’t blame a guy for trying.

    • Hey, please reply! I do appreciate the fact that you gave anyone who thought Lokpal was the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything a la 42 a nice reality check. 🙂

  5. “I just wish it’d been approached more realistically.” AMEN TO THAT.

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