How ‘bout Red Tapism? Why’s it being buried?!

Of late, very obviously I’ve come across people apparently being ‘outraged’ by whats happening in the political front. The corruption and Anna Hazare cases mostly. Manmohan Singh and his failure of a congress is totally outta the league. So corruption. Narrow it down further to the fact that POLITICIANS are the MOST corrupt, poisoning the system, et all. It is true to some extent. But the actual ones in charge and being the cause for it all? Its us. The People. Either we’r too happy to give away or we initiate the process of giving. Giving which you wouldn’t be too happy doing it for other purposes. But for this, you gladly give away without screwing your face. Ok so the cause again for you actually bribing? Freaking Red Tapism. So basically, everything in our government right from politicians to procedures, paperwork, government officials, govt employees are screwed. Totally. Screwed.

Red tapism first.

It means the practice of requiring excessive paperwork and tedious procedures before official action can be considered or completed. 

And by tedious, I mean tedious. Not the if-you-don’t-complete-your-record-on-time-you’re-made-to-stand-in-fronta-the-teacher-till-she-budges-and-decides-to-take-it-or-throw-it in procedure in engineering colleges tedious. The government as an organization in our country is an epic fail. Epic fail. Absolutely nothing is organized at all. You can find it from the DD tv channel. How it starkly contrasts from all the other private channels. And then the hospitals. And then everything else. Banks are the only organizations (if its even called one) that are slightly laudable. Ok, laudable. The rest? Go see for yourself. Its appearance itself sucks. In business, and to be a successful one at that, right from the parking lot, the building, ambience to the uniform people wear, and the business card matters. I mean, people evaluate how good a client you are from alla that. If any one of them aren’t good, instant fail. So basically, as an organization, the government sucks.

I have no idea about the communication and the line of authority but the employees suck too. If you aren’t an NRI you prolly must’ve heard this a hundred times from your elders that (mostly, am guessing) if you land a government job, you’re safe and secure. You’re settled for life. No complications at all. No problems either. Why? Cos at the end of the goddamn month, you get your salary IRRESPECTIVE of weather you complete your work or not. Heck, weather you even DO your work or not (not every department but in most where interaction with the common man is essential; like passport etc).  Whereas in a private firm, your ass is kicked if you’re found to be fooling around. In a govt job, you can happily fool around and ALSO earn. Sounds easy right? That’s what they all think. And that’s why the damn thing in our country’s given much importance.

So how does it affect the layman?

 These lame, dumb, lazy people do nothing but sit and warm up their seats all day. Citation needed? I think ya’ll must’ve had a fair share of experience over trying to get your passport and driver’s license. And my dad had one very particular painful experience of this red tapism that made me want to kick all of their asses just from hearing them all. He actually had to go through all this shit. So these people become increasingly arrogant due to the fact that nothing can be done if you or me file a complaint on them to their equally dumb superiors about their neglect of work. (can I kick their asses already?)

Go tell them “Right. I got your name n I’m gonna complain ‘bout you to my-” they cut you short, let out an evil laugh and say “yeah right we’ll see what YOU can do meanwhile you see what I’M gonna do for whatever you’ve come to me for”. Flat out. Your work with them is over. Lost forever. You’re on your own from then on. Ever noticed the underlying theme in all of shankar’s movies? Gentleman, Mudhalvan, Indian? Arrogant govt officials.

If you don’t want to go through all this shit, what’d you do? You pay! I know now it’s the practice of the official asking you first or there may still be cases of the people offering to pay first, but whoever it is, it’s a bribe. Complaining gets you nowhere unless you can pull strings (but if you can pull strings, you wouldn’t even be there in first place, would you? 🙂 ) and you need to get this paperwork/procedure done. You’re tempted to pay. Cos you don’t want to go through the tedious process of paperwork which’ll take months and years altogether. So the best thing to do in the situation is to pay. And if you can’t pay you’re doomed forever.

My dad told me, they have tea break for 2 hours straight 😐 2 freaking hours. And happily procrastinate alla their work. I have seen my dad go behind those people for a year. For this huge lump sum payment. And you know what that was for? For simply servicing those people! He supplied those bastards’ computers. If a customer of the govt has to wait for one whole goddamn year to receive payment, where do we all stand then? We don’t stand a chance. Not at all. And then finally, through a family friend of ours in the Revenue department, my dad was able to get it. Only cos of that guy. If not for that guy, god knows how long the damn thing would’ve dragged.

And this is how there’s corruption. This is how it grows. We can safely say the politicians learned to loot from us. ‘The people themselves are ready to pay a bribe so why not us?!’ Forget about the politicians for a bit. They’re corrupted from head to foot right now. But us? Its avoidable. We can do something about it. I know asking you to patiently put up with the damn paperwork n shit is asking for a bit too much but come to think of it. You can actually do something about it. In a small way. If everyone follows this, you atleast have this feeling inside you saying ‘yes I’ve done something and I am making a difference!’

An advantage this has got over rallies and protests:

I don’t believe in rallies and protests. Sure, you get this sense of belongingness, the exhilaration, patriotism, and all but at the end of the day, you go home without having actually done anything. I mean, for one, you don’t know the implications, yet. You’re just one with the crowd. Whereas when you sustain from paying a bribe, you’ll actually feel proud. You’d say a big no, straight in the face of the guy who asks you if you’d be willing to pay. And trust me, the rush of adrenaline you feel then is much more greater than the one you get while sitting amongst the crowd and protesting.

What might help?

If only someone were listening. Just like a corporate organization, these govt employees must be given their salaries ONLY if they actually do their work. I have no idea how long this will take to be drilled into the heads of the authorities. Too lenient laws. They must be made stringent. Technology can be used beautifully here for monitoring the employees’ work/activities/walking in n out. And obviously, good chief ministers. Karunanidhi sucked. Amma is the apt one. Her rules are becoming stringent. Just today there was an instance of some jackass protesting somewhere cos he was asked to SIGN IN to his office (attendance) as a monitor. And he thinks its an insult.

With people like these in our country, Anna Hazare must really really give up fasting and go home.

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  1. now this is more like it… interesting insightful and…

  2. seriously, im going to start a party.

    all are invited, bring your own food.

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