My Celebrity Crushes

Ok enough of these sad posts about corruption and all that.

I am bored. I’ve studied enough for the day. I’m going to list out my celebrity crushes in a perfectly normal manner. Given the chance, I would marry each of these women, take them to Mars (so that other guys can’t touch them, haha) and settle down there. Not that I even have a chance in any of the million Hells that exist in this multiverse universe crap.

But it’s not bad to dream eh.

But still, here goes :


I’ve seen her in plenty of movies and she’s just so pretty. On a scale of 1-100 on desirability and attractiveness, I give her 90.


I was introduced to her in Max Payne. She’s Russian. She’s brunette (or dyed her hair that way). In my book, she’s also a perfect 100/100.


She’s just been around in my head now (because I’ve started reading Bombay Times) and I find her exceptionally gorgeous with a great smile. 85/100


I happened across her in a random youtube video about beautiful Iranian women and guess what, she’s beautiful. 80/100. I’m also going to Iran. I must.


If you don’t know about her, tell me which rock you’ve been hiding under so that I can do that too, later on. 95/100. Minus 5 for all that shitty plastic surgery that makes her look like a plastic piece of trash. She was already beautiful and just ruined herself.


There’s no stopping me here – she is simply the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s perfect in my head – shes intelligent, she’s got the eyes that can freeze time, she’s got great hair and a super smile and I could keep going on and on at the risk of being seen as a desperate fanboy. 100/100.



She’s twenty !! And she pulled of playing a 16 year old on Modern Family. She’s just 20. And also my best chance in this whole list, if I suddenly become a glamorous millionaire in the next 2 days. 100/100.

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  1. Awesome dude!!!! All hott….orey hott!!! Anushka Sharma is my favorite too!!! 🙂 😉

    Also, from the other side:

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