Open Questions Day

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like : I’m going to post leaving 6 open-ended questions that are bothering me. It is your duty as a faithful reader of this blog to answer them.

You may have already thought of some of these questions. Also, you may not give even a single shit about any of them.

Whatever the case, since my brain has taken it upon itself to bombard me with all these questions, I really want some answers. Thank you.

6. Why do poor people have more kids than rich people?

This is a thing that I noticed, though I could be wrong in my reasoning.

Singapore is a well-to-do, developed country. And their birthrates are abysmally low. Conversely, a lot of the sub-Saharan nations have exceedingly high birthrates.

Shouldn’t it be the exact opposite – rich people, being rich, can afford to have more kids and poor people, being poor, can’t afford to have more than one kid?

The results can be seen even in India, where the traditionally rich Parsis are slowly decreasing in number and vanishing. What could be the reason behind this counter-intuitive mindfuck?

5. Why do unhealthy foods appeal more and taste better? (Conversely : Why are healthy foods disgusting in taste?)

You know the drill. Eating salads as they are without any additives is absolutely and astonishingly difficult to digest. This is simply because there are no appealing flavors present. On the other hand, eating a McAloo Tikki everyday sounds sexy, but it simply can’t be done because…simply because. You know all that health jazz right? Heart attacks, cholesterol, high BP, stroke, diabetes and so on.

Why? Is this a dick move by God :

“Hey if that tastes great, it’s probably not good for you.”

4. What is it about Apple that appeals so much to people?

There’s just something about Apple or any of its products that appeals so much to people. I would buy an iTouch over whatever other music player exists on the market, for example, because of what? I don’t know why I want the iTouch. It just seems like a cool thing to have. But why is it a cool thing to have?

The same goes to all the higher end Apple products too – the iMac is ridiculously expensive, and yet I would have that over this crap PC anyday. The weird thing about this is, all the Apple products are relatively more expensive than their non-Apple counterparts.

So why is this so? Why does Apple have this hypnotic effect, while just over a decade ago, it sucked balls?

3. Why is there a 120% tax on imported vehicles in India?

This is mindblowing actually. I looked up the price of the Toyota Prius, because apparently there’s no better way to spend all your time than looking up the prices of hybrid boxes on the internet.

It’s 25 lakhs. Rather, it begins above 20 lakhs. Then, using my sheer knowledge of rudimentary and irrelevant economics, I figured out that if the 120% tax wasn’t there, we’d be paying less than 10 lakhs to drive out with a Prius. And this isn’t just about a Prius.

It also involves the BMW 3 series, Mercedes E-class and the Audi A6. All are priced on par with the Prius. And all are actually worth just 8 lakhs.

So, if any expert with the workings of the Government reads this blog, why does this tax even exist now? If I had to choose between a fucking Audi A6 and a Volkswagen Vento, guess what I’d pick?

(This also accounts for the pathetic number of Priuses on the road. It’s all about brands and labels right, so if I had 30 lakhs to blow, guess what I’d buy? A BMW or a Prius?)

2. Why can’t Bollywood produce and make genuinely scary films?

Seriously – tell me the name of one good, non-cheesy Indian horror film that scared the pants off you, and I’ll eat my Android. I’m not talking about stupid films comparable to Paranormal Activity either. I’m talking about Omen (original) or Insidious-level horror.

Nothing so far.

I refuse to accept the argument that there won’t be audiences for the films. By that logic, audiences would have also avoided films like Shaitan, Udaan, Fashion et al, but clearly that did not happen.

1. Why the hell are Twilight, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black so popular?




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  1. 6. Absurd lot of reasons. Most famous one is, more kids, more money they can bring from work, so that the parents could be freee of work and busy screwing each other.
    5. Lol.. Nice one. That’s true. Even hard drinks tastess like shit , our mouths and body stinks for a whole night, hell even it ruins the bathroom in the morning. esp. the dubious ones u get in TN tasmac , but that’s running our govt.
    4. I M AN APPLLLLLE FAN. APPLLLE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD NO MATTER WAT U SAY. seriously, that’s a good product. I ve an iphone and it’s a black hole for money. I own it just to show off. NOOOO U DUMBASS, APPPLLE IS THE BEST
    3. Be Indian. Buy Indian. We are only allowed to get fooled by indian manufactureres.
    2. Seriously? u think Oman is a scary movie? Hmm.. Every bollywood movie is scary. Every women look like reptilians. Men look like transgenders. Their acting will scare the shit out of you.
    1. Internet celebrities? Internet is full of porn. JB and RB are in internet. Porn has lot of fans. So they have lot of fans.

  2. Ques 6) There are mainly 2 reasons. 1, lack of awareness and 2, according to them the more the members of the family, the more the income.

    Ques 2) Hero worshipness. If a movie has the hero doing physically impossible stunts, it fetches more money than movie which actually have a proper story and concept.

  3. 1)We ve got birth control they don’t.. (or cant afford it)
    2) its not a dick move by god it’s a “resist the temptation/ if you want gurls to drool over ur six pack u gotta pay”*gods evil smile*
    3) coz I work there now.;)
    4)bcause bollywood = lovyduvy, over cinematic bullcrap?
    5)i really don’t kno.K

  4. ANSWERS :

    Q 6 ::

    Q5 ::LOL…god’s dick move..

    Q4 ::Steve Jobs’ MASS EFFECT..he made it sexy man..and ntn other than iPods have 160 gb capacity as I would like or wifi and sexy touch like most others would like…and who wanna spend.

    Q3 ::Govt. Bitchhhesss need bad quality cars on road so they can keep the roads bad so no one makes big ruckus about it..seems to be workin so far.

    Q2 ::Bollywood is incapable of makin quality films…Salman Khan,Ranbir Kapoor..I rest my case.

    Q1 ::Most humans are faulted(borderline retards) ..anyway this is the answer to most of your questions.

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