Date Rules/Tips/Whatever!

For girls, but its okay! Guys please read this because its more important for you.

HaHa Turbosexaphonic is back with Date Rules/Tips/Whatever!

Okay, I am no PhD in dating. Considering the fact that most of the Phds in this country are fake and you do not really require a Phd to say something.  So, I am good to go..

GROUND RULE #1— If you feel you kinda have connection with this guy

-don’t add him on facebook first.

-don’t take his number first.

-don’t say hi first.  Ummm…actually hi is fine.

Guys. Please do the above honors first. It might look a little girly and cheesy in the beginning but you can always show you are the Man later. Pun intended.


—> He tells the whole world he likes you but doesn’t tell you that he likes you. Lack of balls!

—> He asks you this question “What will you do if I propose to you?”

Seriously! I wanna ask all you guys out there, what kind of a question is that? Huh?

Its like your proposing and not proposing or you don’t know what you are doing!

And how do you expect a girl to answer that question??

Guys. Please DON’T ever ever ever ever ever ask a girl that question no matter how close you are to her. It sucks!

—> He has a baggage which is labeled CHEESY!

Actually many girls like it and are okay with it. Makes me wanna puke.

Bollywood Tollywood Kollywood is all filled with cheesy bastards who blush if their girl accepts them, write poems about/for them and immediately start singing them. Those are movies. Get back to reality when you are done watching one!

Being nice and sweet is very much appreciated but there is this thin line between being sweet and being cheesy. Please figure it out!

—> He doesn’t smell good or use a deodorant.

You don’t need him.period.

What’s the whole point, tell me.

—>He gifts his girl-best friend or sister on their birthday and not you.

No point again. How long can your dad keep spending for your things, tell me.

TOTALLY ACCEPT Him and RUN and JUMP and HUG Him if—

—>Opens the door for you in a restaurant or wherever and says ” After you” with a smile.

Aaaaawww! It’s just incredibly sweet and cute of a guy to do that! Seriously! may sound little formal, but so what?

—> He smells good 🙂

—> He just looks at your face and not any other part of your body right on the first date!

—> He doesn’t keep you waiting for him.

—> He Apologises whenever he is wrong.

Remember the Men Ego? Doesn’t let them apologize that easily!

—> He actually gives you your SPACE!

Ladies, i think you know better about that 😀

—>He gets you a chocolate cake and a perfume on your birthday! 😀

—>He chooses You over BIRIYANI!!!

SERIOUSLY!! Marry Him!

—> He pauses his damn video game to reply for your text/take your call!

—> Actually tells you “Go home and gimme a call that you reached home safe :)”

Trust me, not all guys say that. And the ones who do, are gentlemen.

Actually more than all these things, it’s just  about how you feel when you look at the guy. Throw all your inhibitions away and keep your mind free.

The SPARK! If you find it, you will like the guy even if he is a douche!

Sometimes we girls also need to cut some slack for these poor guys. Always remember to not be very demanding or possessive or pressurising.

Guys are these dumb creatures, who wanna run to the nearest EXIT door when cornered.

And girls, please don’t fall for the guy just because he is popular, looks good or has a nice smile. A break up is surely on its way! I had to put this somewhere.

Anyways…Watch out for more..I ve got loads.

I am a girl and I think a lot 🙂

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  1. With all due respect,
    No offence, but this sound soo shallow.. like no joke.
    are u a gurl or a golddigger? “No point again. How long can your dad keep spending for your things, tell me”..
    I mean come on “cheesy labels, opens the door” WOMAN which century are u in?? u might aswel get a dog.even a dog wldnt do what u want it to do..
    U tell him to give u space but u want him to be under ur total control, at this rate u will end up with a guy whos totally henpecked and frustrated.
    And srsly ground rule one and two; made me roll my eyes and gasp “INSECURE”…
    I luv blogs tat give advice but this is just MISLEADING.

    having said tat it was funny and I liked it for making me laugh.

    • And also, a guy might have his reasons for not telling you he likes you. If he just feels “OMG I wanna date this chick” then he’ll tell you straightaway. But if it’s something deeper he’ll be more anxious not to fluff it and so will probably wait until he feels he has a reasonably good chance (at least, I would). And you shouldn’t hold it against him if you find out through the grapevine in the meantime.

    • turbosexaphonic

      @brinda: haha…thanks for leaving tat comment…
      i jus suggest u Google the word “sarcasm”.
      and next time u make a “no offence ” statement..make sure it doesn offend ppl!

    • Sweetheart, this is NOT a blog which gives advice, firstly. Are you even a regular to this blog? Ever heard of SARCASM lady?
      If you hadn’t, please google it right now.

      And, am i right in assuming that you’re real miserable cos someone ditched you? You sound real hot off the stove phew! And oh, no offense lady 🙂

    • thats right WE DONT TOLERATE CRITICS HERE 8)

    • Sounds like you’re in the middle of a relationship…

  2. BTW, how is the restaurant door thing NOT cheesy? Sounds like a personal dream of yours! 😛

    • turbosexaphonic

      remember the thin line betw being cheesy and non cheesy…the restaurant door thing is right near the fence…it is lill cheesy…but very very nice!

  3. Haha. Funny and smart, though the emphasis on smell is giving me a mental picture of a female greyhound (note: I didn’t want to say bitch 🙂 ) sniffing its mate before, you know. 😛

  4. I shall solemnly conform to everything…but DON’T pull in biriyani yaaarr…it’ll make things complicated..

    btw, that grow balls T…Brilliant !..

  5. I cant agree more woman! 😛

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