The Great Crap Debate – Mars versus Venus

For those of you who are keeping score, Craptivate completed six months of existence about a week ago. This calls for some bitchin’ celebration, eh? So we present you the Great Crap Debate – a series of posts, by all our authors, on a deliberately juicy topic. And dear readers, feel free to sink your teeth into the debate in the comments section. This is for you, more than anyone else!

The theme is – do boys have it easier in life, or is it girls who are actually the privileged sex?

A couple of ground rules before we begin – the topic might seem serious, but by and large the debate is meant to be a light-hearted one. And we’re going to be shamelessly bourgeoisie about it. So please don’t bring up female foeticide, child marriage, sati (widows being forced to jump into their husbands’ funeral pyre), dowry harassment and other social malpractices which you read about in your social science textbook. If you’re sitting in front of a computer screen reading this, the odds are that you’ve never experienced any of these. We’d like to hear stories of sexism from your own experience. Not that we don’t care about those issues – we’ll make a separate post on them sometime.

Since most of us are either guys or girls (put that down for the Most Ridiculous Beginning of a Sentence Award) we don’t have direct access to the thoughts and feelings of the opposite sex, so we can only guess. Hence, if you see something you don’t agree with, don’t be in a hurry to scream “WTF YOU HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA HERP DERP” in the comments. You would only be stating the obvious.

With that in mind, I hope we can all have a good time. And brave is he or she who is going to fire the opening salvo – you risk having your points picked apart in the later posts. Let the games begin!


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