TRAI = Stupid

Dear TRAI,

First you let a certain “king” run all over the country and rip it off of its money. Then you sell licenses for 3G at rates that were apparently too high for our good and “honest” telecom carriers. You also set a deadline by when they should roll out 3G, but you failed to note that this was not done properly. Yet no fines were implemented (that I know of atleast).

My CENSORED sims 3G/2.5G sucked all kinds of balls, for example. My balance reduced to a certain point (0 bucks) after which it was supposed to stop, under CENSOREDs own 10p/10kb usage rules.

But my phone did not stop using the internet automatically (I have an Android) while my sim should have. But it did not. Before I realized, my balance was ridiculously low and negative. On pre-paid..negative balance? I owe CENSORED money?

Instead of putting a check on bullshit like this, you decide to put a check on the one thing that Indians like doing most : talking.

Yes, TRAI. Telemarketers are assholes. They know they’re assholes. I hate them. Everyone hates them. Even you hate them.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve jumped out of my skin while I was drifting off to sleep because of those stupid “SIR AAPKO CHAHIYE DRIVERS PLUMBERS…YE NUMBER CALL KARO” bastards.

I appreciate the fact that you have recognized this, clearly because all of you also own cellphones and aren’t spared from this nonsense.

However, I don’t appreciate the fact that you have come up with the most ridiculous solution (?) to this. Seriously.

100 smses/day? Who thought of this? You know how this looks, TRAI? This looks like you’ve taken the easy way out instead of solving this menace.

I’m no technical guy. I know nothing about how the telecom industry works. But how difficult is it to be more cautious in the sale of simcards? How tough is it to have people forward “troublesome” numbers to a registry, having it banned? I mean, if you sit and just think about it, you could have come up with infinitely better solutions than the one you came up with, or the ones I’m coming up with.

You have created the Do Not Disturb registry – which is good. So why this restriction on SMSing? What’s the fucking point? I mean, its obvious to even me, a layman, that telemarketers don’t just message. They also call. Also, non-telemarketers also message. Case in point – me.

I message. I sms a lot. And I’m no telemarketer. So I don’t like this 100 sms cap placed on me. That’s undemocratic and violates my freedom of speech and expression (smsing is a globally accepted form of speech) and all that.

So are you suggesting that everyone who uses a phone is an annoying telemarketing human spambot? That’s not just flawed logic – thats stupid, almost North Korean logic. And that’s saying something about your stupidity.

Are you also suggesting that telemarketers don’t call and promote shitty stuff? Well they do. So whats next on the cards from the houses of Geniuses of TRAI? Place a cap on the number of minutes spoken daily?

And how did you arrive at “100”? That number is fully and meaninglessly arbitrary. 100 smses is fine IF :

1. You have a Blackberry.

2. You are a busy middle-aged working man/woman.

3. You know exactly one person in life, which is the guy outside your prison-cell in the top secret prison in Thar Desert.

4. You don’t have fingers.

Everyone else (read : young people in India) message by the assload everyday. Like so much.

This brings me back to your apparently random “100 sms/day” thing. Why not 300? Why not 500? Why 100? I agree that its humanly impossible to message more than 400 times a day, but people definitely message more than 100 times a day. Heck, if I cross my statutory 160 character/message limit, whatever I type more is counted as another message. That means I wont even proper message 100 times a day. It’ll be 70 or something.

Ergo in conclusion, what you’ve done is utter and total bullshit and has been done without any research. You sat in your offices, decided on arbitrary numbers and proceeded.


One Irritated Mobile Phone User

Since TRAI has clearly made up its fussed-up brain about this whole thing, there’s no use whining about it. I am, however, ready to give my own half-baked solutions to circumventing this whole crapassed shebang.

1. Get a Blackberry. Seriously. BBM is convenient and unlike Whatsapp, you can add people you want to and remove people you don’t want to. Nothing is automatic in BBM. Whatsapp just adds people from your phonebook who also have Whatsapp. In BBM however, you choose.

Also, Whatsapp is cross-platform (works on Blackberry, Android, Symbian/Nokia and Apple) and therefore really good, while BBM gives you more control over what you do.

2. Call. Use all the money you have to recharge your phone, call and talk, even if its unimportant stuff. (I do this even now). I don’t know shit about postpaid, so I don’t really know about you postpaid users.

3. If you can’t call and don’t have a Blackberry and don’t want one, get multiple sim cards. I have 3. This means I can message 300 times a day.

4. And if you can’t do that, then just be creative or economical with your messaging.

5. Give me more ideas too. It’s called commenting.

This clearly went over the top of the very tiny heads that our people at TRAI have. Obviously.

I mean, is a telemarketer going to have just one sim from which he messages 1000 times? No. He has so many numbers from where he messages so many times. Now, instead of messaging more from the same number, he will message equally (as he used to do) from a lot of different numbers. Because, you see, getting simcards is easy as standing up or killing mosquitoes.

So next they’ll restrict purchase of sim cards and put a cap on talktime because, fuck telemarketers. If you can’t punch them directly, punch whoever they’re annoying. That’s what this is, right? That’s the magic logic TRAI used, right?

That’s kind of like me beating up guys who get mosquito bites because I can’t manage to kill those tiny fast pests.

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  1. What about people with hearing probem or speech problem? TRAI is idiotic.

  2. With TRAI and the likes, India is all set to become the laughing stock of the world.

  3. I think the next thing will be max 100 minutes in a day talking on the phone, or 100 calls (whichever comes first).

    Welcome to draconia.

  4. I refuse to believe that TRAI did it just for the sake of putting down spammers.

    Clearly there are bigger reasons to this 100 message limit.
    Look into them as well !

  5. I wrote to them the last time and they dint reply asusual but they dropped the plan. Blasted them full on.

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