Dear, Please Don’t Look So Cute – Version 2 (Dude! You Look Hot! O_o)

Standing amidst all the apparent love lorn couples, made me a lil awkward. I mean, what the hell, here I was attired in a slightly plunging neck line and my curves apparent and he was already making me wait. The dimly lit café made the place look more like a love boat teeming with thirsty couples who did nothing but look into each others eyes. Yuck. Period.

Ok there he was, walking towards me. I blinked. There was a sudden surge of adrenaline that felt like a lightning bolt shooting through me. I wasn’t in love with him but for some crap reason, he made me want him. Oh yeah, he looks hot btw. There was nothing mirror cracking or extra ordinary about his appearance, but he looked hot in his own sweet way. My heart, surprisingly thumped. Loudly.

I hate to sound so chic and girly girly (like how some women disgustingly do) but, I swooned in my seat. It looked like I could never get enough of him. Which, trust me, was a bad thing. My hands itched to reach out to him. He wore a pink shirt (blech) striped, showing off his biceps. Now I’m not swooning. I smiled, rose and showed him his seat. He nodded. Yeah. Nodded. Men surprised me at times. He dint even look at me man! To say it was frustrating was to say the least. Hmph.

“So?” he enquired, sipping from the glass of water. I rolled my eyes. “So? What so?” I had to scowl. Now he smiled! Funny guy.
“Well, you called me here sweetheart, not me” he threw up his hands in a surrendering gesture and sat back in his chair, arms crossing his chest. Facepalm. Biceps. Sigh. Should. Not. Swoon. This. Time.
“Well yes I did.”
He sounded annoyed “whatcha waiting for then, go ahead and tell me what the matter is! Unless you want to wait for the stars to align in the right position to stand by your side that is” he said tartly, amused. For whatever joy it was. I dint miss the sarcasm.

I cocked my head and looked at him, closely. I dated close to five men. All of which ended in disaster. Subsequently, I lost faith in relationships and began concentrating at the issue at hand. Satiating my needs. The craving of course never stopped. So I resorted to the no strings method. This being my first, I was a lil skeptical of his reaction. Of his thoughts. For all I know, when I pop the question, he might spit and walk out on me too.

The decision to ask him was not for nothing either. He is hot. The shirt fitted him perfectly. Oh yeah wait, anything fits him perfectly. Hair perfectly combed and laid neatly, and not in a running-my-hand-through-your-hair way either, he looked adorable. I wanted to uncross his hands and hold them in mine. Oh and did I mentions his chest hairs? They benignly peeked from underneath his shirt. I wanted to run my hands through them. So I grit my teeth. Small, yet bright eyes. That could penetrate any cold gaze. A cute button like nose. I wanted to play with it. In more than one ways. Sigh. And full, luscious lips. I really dint blame myself for wanting to press mine against his. I simply wanted to go on to the other side of the table, cup his face in my hands and kiss him, right then and there. Argh. The longing ness. His cologne. I wanted to smell more of him and his cologne. And make him breathless.

But still, definitely worth a try, was my guess.

Someone snapped a finger; brought me back to earth. “Do you mind lady? Say it, whatever it is!” he grew impatient. I smiled. Alright here goes nothing.

Clearing my throat, I announced, “I want to know, if you’d be interested in a….”

I will continue. 😛

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