Youtube, Internet and Memes

DISCLAIMER : If one or more of the subsequent videos don’t work, go to youtube and watch them. You’ll enjoy them. I promise. Otherwise I will eat guitars in punishment for 3 weeks. Ok let’s go :

It’s Internet Meme week. Hand on heart, it is.

No it’s not actually, I just made that up. What the FUCK are memes, you say? According to, a meme is :

“a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.”

But according to, a meme is :

“an inside joke of the internet and those that lurk around it”

Somehow, I’m more compelled to understand urbandictionary’s explanation. So you basically have an idea of just what the fuck a meme is. It’s just something that’s everywhere, and something that might make you laugh (it need not). Kind of like this :


You get it. You’ve all seen plenty of these comics before. Hell, they’re even there on this blog. These are called “rage comics” and they went viral..wait let me do this properly.



It was first started on the deepest bowels of the internet (also known as 4chan and its /b/ board) in 2008 by a guy drawing some shit in MS Paint. It was made popular by reddit, who included a special rage comic subreddit called “FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU” or something and that’s that. It’s so popular that it found its way into even this miserable blog.


Because people get pissed by simple everyday occurrences and feel the need to put them in comic form.

Where can I see it?

At reddit itself, if you know how to use the site. Or here.

2. RickRoll


Nothing interesting here, just a really good song that’s been turned around into a meme by some enterprising and jobless internet-beings. Check it out by clicking on it here.


It’s an experiment created by some coats to see just how angry angry really is. Last I heard, a guy punched straight through a truck after being rickrolled.


Seriously, there’s no where. This just pops up when you least expect it.



A Russian singer named Eduard Khil simply awesoming the Internet, its citizens and 30 generations to follow. Just um..see for yourself.

Did you see it? It’s magical.

I’m hypnotized.


To make fun of Soviet era singers? To make fun of his voice? To make fun of his expressions? Because its funny? To irritate people? To make China collapse into a heap of hay and leaves? It could be anything. It’s just all over the internet now.


All over the internet now.

Aside note : The Russian guy took it well, basically asking the internet to make this song even more popular.

4. Nyancat


It’s a flying cat. It’s surreal. Trippy.


It flies? It’s a cat? It’s cute. It makes a nice sound.


Flying somewhere (I reckon) and also on youtube and also on google.

5. 8-bit mix


8-bit mixes of popular songs. 8-bit sounds are those sounds you’re already familiar with. Remember Mario? That had 8-bit sounds. So it’s basically simplifying music to the point of absurdity.


Because we can.


Tons and tons of videos on youtube.

6. Best Cry Ever.


A live TV show. A family problem. A resolution. Lot’s of high-voltage emotions. And the inevitable comedy :


They were dumb enough to come on TV to settle their issues, so I don’t think I should feel as if I’m going to hell for laughing at a man crying. But yeah, stupidity.


Lots of videos on youtube, including my favorite one :

7. Shitloads of Simpsons memes.


Simpsons is simply the most awesome cartoon ever, ever. I would dare to say its better than Southpark, but I would be beaten black and blue by the Southpark fanboys so I won’t say that just yet.

Simpsons created a WHOLE LOT of meme’s :

1. That’s a paddlin’

2. Ha ha


4. Eat my shorts

And an metric fuckton of others, which you can find here on TVTropes.


Because its Simpsons, that’s why.


I think “where” is getting redundant now. YOUTUBE.



Seen the movie 300? Heard of it? Let me enlighten you :

Here’s the um remixed version of the same :

Why GOD Why?

Wait let me wipe the tears from my eyes first.



8. WTF Boom


Don’t you hate those times when you just cause an explosion and all you can do is say WTF? I’ll remind of you of those times :

WTF Why?

Bored teenagers..are bored.


If you hear an explosion, then right over there.

9. Night at the Roxbury


I don’t think this qualifies as a meme, or it probably does. Oh fuck it, I’m too busy bobbing my head anyway.


Jim Carrey is epic.


All over the fucking place. He’s epic all over the fucking place.

I guess that’s it for now. If I missed anything, let me know (obviously by commenting). And yes, this does demonstrate how highly bored I am.

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  1. d Nyancat s juz f#$kin irritatin …..n d BEST CRY EVER lolzz it luked like d guy suddenly got a tooth ache ws badly in need for a dentist ROFL…n THIS IS SPARTA for sure gonna haunt me forever ….d only thng i like d most s trololololololololol……..good god i am a fan of tht fellow he s juz amazing…on d whole i think u r jobless who finds such idiotic videos n meme in youtube n add it on ur blog bt hey it ws fun reading it šŸ˜›

  2. I see you made a collection of Memes found on the Internet……Why not Zoidberg ?

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