Quickpost : Diwali

Diwali is a few days away (4 days to be exact) and Mumbai has already started going ballistic (quite literally). You can tell without even looking because of all the noise and the speed at which Saradon packets empty themselves. Seriously, is it just me or are these crackers getting noisier every year? Or is it because of the echo effect and the big buildings?

You can also tell its Diwali by the absence of stray dogs. I don’t know where they go during Diwalis, but they just “make themselves scarce” when shit goes down, up and boom.

Anyway, I decided to do some soul searching after seeing a status update my friend made on Facebook. In a nutshell, he stated that he was not going to celebrate Diwali by causing minor explosions but instead by actually celebrating the festival of lights. And another friend said she would donate her cracker money to charity.

All this is indeed moving and thought-provoking. It is thought-provoking to the extent I actually got an idea. Now ideas aren’t exactly new to me. I get shitty “brainwaves” all the time. But this is, I feel, good enough to be posted on a blog which is read by upto 5 people every month.

What is it?

According to BBC, German capital Berlin celebrates this thing called “Festival of Lights”, which is basically a big ass illumination festival.

Here’s an excerpt from the festival’s website itself :

“Every year for twelve days in October, Berlin’s world-famous landmarks and monuments are dressed in spectacular light. German and international artists and lighting designers present extraordinary illuminations, light art and creative designs. The festival is accompanied by numerous cultural events, all exploring the theme “Light”. The festival is an admission-free, top artistic event for an audience of millions. It generates massive media interest worldwide, and as a result, promises real sustainability.”

Basically, they deck up their buildings in various lights, which makes the whole experience beautifully surreal and pretty. Here are some pictures :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are some more slideshows for you to check out : BBC and Spiegel.de

So I’m sure you got what I’m getting at – instead of making kids toil and manufacture things that are going to be noisily destroyed anyway, instead of causing a lot of damage to the environment, instead of being responsible for one of the most massive cleanup operations every year, why can’t we just go all out and light up our buildings and neighborhoods?

And before you say “OMG THATS WASTING SO MUCH ELECTRICITY” and “This is the exact opposite of what Earth Hour is about”, remember that people are also causing greater damage – to our ears, eyes and lungs – during Diwali.

Infact all I’m just saying is, this seems to be a good idea and I’ll probably do it to my house next Diwali (its too late to do anything now anyway). Let’s just ape ze Germans, because their idea is simply fantastic and eye-pleasing.

I’d also like to know if and why this is a worse idea than becoming stone deaf for a week or two. So comment right below this. All you need is a keyboard to do that, you know..

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  1. Raji_mythili.K

    I agree its its a wonderful idea…good luck convincing every1 else… 😛

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