I Don’t Care If You’ve a Girlfriend. I Want It.

continued from

“In a-”

‘Your lipstick stain, on the front lobe of my left side brain’ sang his cellphone.

Damn my luck. I rolled my eyes.

“Sorry love, I gotta take this, its my girl” my head spun so fast to look at him that I must’ve sprained my neck.

“Wha..? girl? Who girl??? What girl?? Whats going on???”

He was already gone.

Argh. Right bloody time. My damn luck.
Oh my god, he was smiling and doing the things guys in love (sadly very few) do!
Tell me this isn’t happening, tell me this isn’t happening, I prayed.
He came back, smiled one of his lovely and adorable smiles and apologized “that was my girlfriend, god, I miss her already!” he said, looking dreamily at his phone.
I narrowed my eyes and looked at him pointedly, “you dammit, did not tell me you had a girlfriend!” I banged my fists on the table. The bitch!

“Whoa whoa wait a minute why exactly are you mad at me now?” oh yeah, the innocent demeanor. He was surprised and shocked at my reaction.

“Because” I hissed, “I was going to ask you if you’d be interested in a fling with me!” I said finally, and looked away immediately. I could’ve died had I looked at his face at that minute. I said it. Boldly. To a guy who already was in a relationship. A serious relationship at that. My bad, my bad.
Now he looked at me with a mixture of shock, skepticism, confusion and an alarmed expression on his face. I dint blame him. Yet, I crossed my arms and looked away. How can this even be happening?! I thought he was single!

“Wait wait wait. What did you just say? Say that again?”

Fine. He wants it again, I’ll give him. He asked for it. I looked at him, uncrossing my arms leaned forward in my chair and said, slow and clear “I want a fling with you. No, I’m not even asking if you’d be interested, I just want one. The end. I don’t care if you’ve a girlfriend already; you dint tell me so I’m asking you anyway. And oh, I’m not kidding.”

A look of disgust replaced his frown as he looked ready to spit on me. I don’t care, I thought. I want him. Wow. This is me talking.
“Are you outta your mind?”

“Obviously not. I wouldn’t be here if I were, anyway”

“Stop joking”

“I wasn’t!”

“What’d you want me to do now? He asked me, innocently.

Ah, is this progress I see? “I told you, I want a fling. Get physical with you. Have-”

“Alright alright, I get your damn point!” he said.

“I was going to say, ‘have fun’ you doofus!” I said exasperated. Seriously.

“Look at your nonchalance! Despite me being in a relationship! Wtf’s wrong with you???” poor guy was shocked beyond description.

I shrugged, “nothing. You’re my friend. You dint yet tell me you’ve a girlfriend. I thought we were friends. And hence, I came here thinking I can talk you into agreeing for a fling with me. I mean get real, you’re hot, okay?”

“Yeah I am aware of that thank you but fuck you, I’m committed-“

“Look, I’m not in love with you ok? I don’t want your feelings, I want your physique. That’s all.” I gulped. Ok now I’m starting to freak out. I cant believe I just said that aloud!

“You even realize what you’re talking about?!” I nodded.

“No, seriously, are you in your right mind?” I nodded.

“Are you freaking serious???” I nodded.

“I’m outta here.” He started to get up.

“No no no wait wait wait listen to me” I took his hands in mine, looked into his eyes and said,
“He ditched me. You know that. You helped me recover. Now, I don’t really have anybody to invite for a fling. You are all I have. I’m not in love with you; I don’t want your feelings. I need help. I admire your physique. You know that too. You can help me with your physique. Please. She needn’t know about this. You know me. I turned you down once. D’you think I’d do anything to get you into trouble?”
Puppy dog eyes for the win ^_^

Now he looked away.
And seemed to consider my offer forever…..
“Alright. But whats the point? What’d I get outta it?”
I raised my brows menacingly.

He laughed “alright alright I know you’re beautiful and I get a beautiful chick for free was just kidding, chill.” He winked and finally seemed at ease.
A huge sigh of relief. Phew!
“But, it mustn’t be everyday ok?”

“Obviously you jackass” I laughed.

As we got up to leave, I asked him “so when the heck were you planning on telling me about her idiot?” he walked me outta the café with his arm around my waist.

Ha, I win.

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  1. it was a nice read… but still i DONOT get why a guy in LOVE would cheat on his girlfriend. But i guess its just fiction…

  2. Disgusting!!!!

  3. sunandini padmanabhan

    friends with benefits :-))

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