I’m Celebrating Tonight for Successfully Having Become a Pervert.

Seriously. What the hell. This is one shit hole of a place. Women everywhere jesus christ! Every damn where! Urgh. I told them, clearly, very clearly not to put me in a women’s college. And that’s exactly what happened. Argh. I’m 17 for god’s sake and should I really study in a fucking women’s college? Really? I wanted to break everything I set my eyes upon. The place was teeming with women. The sight makes me want to puke. And oh my god, so bloody suffocating! Horrible fragrances, odors, jasmine flowers in the air! Seriously. Horrible, horrible first day. Plain horrible.

And there were lesbians everywhere! Just pathetic. Pathetic. Plain pathetic. God. I was much better. Such a madhouse. To get outta it, phew. Yuck. Must shower on reaching home. I Sprayed myself with deo the whole day. Bah. Upon getting home, I fled to the bathroom and took a shower head to foot. Bloody. If only I had a boyfriend. All my pals have one. Except me. The agony. Boring nights. No sexting. No phone sex. No calls. No messaging. No flirting. No moaning. The phone just lay there, without buzzing. Even if it did, some jackass sent some lame forward. These people will never get a life.

So I had to resort to the obvious- fantasies. My bad. I mean, I stopped going to pubs after that one stupid incident thus reducing my chances of running into a guy, my boyfriend ended things with me and is right now on a plane to the UK for his smart-ass academics. As if people here don’t find good colleges nearby to study in. Piss off he is. Porn is extremely boring (the actors are boring and I just lost interest) and I just couldn’t find any ways to satisfy myself. Men are so dumb and scarce these days (atleast the ones I’m looking for) that they let their jaw drop when I tell them about me and what I want. I’m a teen; what do they really expect? Just cos they’re dumb enough to suppress themselves, doesn’t mean I should. And their famous ‘i-want-the-traditional-girl-only-to-date’. Another piss off. What is the case with traditional females anyway???

Such crankiness. And they complain about girls. Not a guy I could lose my virginity to, too. Not one. I couldn’t believe this was happening. They clearly lack balls. So I gave up on guys. Fantasies save my soul. And satiates wonderfully. Satiating oneself is an art, really. There are some fools who can never, ever get it right. They end up getting mind fucked.

In a Sidney Sheldon book I once read, one character carries an electronic balloon like thing which’s made like a woman and he has sex with that thing everytime he’s turned on or wants to satiate himself. I wish I had something like that. But yeah, not happening. So, I began fantasizing. Works wonders. It all started like this:

While going home from school one day in the dear MTC bus (my first time), I accidentally got on to the front side of the bus which, a few irritating stops later, began filling up with men. I couldn’t break loose from the jam packed place either; so I was stuck there. Thankfully, one decent, hot guy got on the bus and nonchalantly squeezed through the crowd and stood beside me. He actually smelt good and thus saved me from the stinky hell hole. Since the damn bus was filled up and hanging off to one side, it lurched and jostled as and when the driver hit the brakes.

And everytime that happened, the hot guy fell on me. I really dint complain cos, not like this happens everyday to me, the guy was damn hot, and, it was just nice. Simply nice. That I kept praying for more brakes. And looked forward to him falling on me. And admired him while he looked away, anticipating and expecting his fall every time the bus lurched forward, and not minding at all. Everytime his arms brushed against mine, I grinned wide and I had to hide it. I wanted to try leaning on him too, but the bus did the job for me. Of course, he kept apologizing every time he fell on me, but then, he stopped after a while on seeing I actually enjoyed it. And oh, I wanted to fall on him for a change. But before I could, he got off the next stop, winking at me while getting off.

So, when I ran outta options for satiating, I began fantasizing starting with the guy on the bus (he lasted for 3 days) and then some certain people. With a banana in hand, of course. I’d be crazy to’ve missed that.

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  1. btw how does this make you a pervert? ‘in need of’ -maybe, pervert – nah…

  2. haha! poor you…nice post though 😉

  3. lol….
    tough to believe you are 17…..:)
    i have an exam tommorow…. and i’m horny…..

  4. Thank you 🙂

  5. You amaze me….. (The last line disgusted me though..) 😛 😛

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