Damn You, Economics.

Those who had the misfortune of studying economics would know what i mean. I wrote this the day before my Business Economics semester exam in my 2nd year of college. The frustration.

I wish i could behead Adam Smith for fathering you, Economics.
He’s wreaked havoc in our lives
By introducing you to the unsuspecting, innocent little world.
Coming to Alfred Marshall, i honestly dont get what he’s trying to say.
Everywhere its “marshall said this, marshall said that”
Which is infuriating big time.
I dont like him.
He’s seemed to have taken up most of your content.

Your demand analysis does not impress me.
I dint “DEMAND” for it! i never would!
Neither am i interested in your supply function.
You supply an excess of crap.
You seem to be just a micro sized book;
Yet you’ve left a macro sized impact in our lives.
We hate you.

Can utility be measured?
I cant measure your utility in our lives, sorry.
My understanding of you could be in the form of Law of Returns to Scale.
It goes like this:
It rises rapidly, remains constant for one blinking second,
And falls steeply, almost instantly.
Did you know that your Break Even Analysis BREAKS-EVEN our head?

You get the privilege of being the monopolistic position holder in our “most hated subject”
For, am guessing, close to a century?
Except for our benevolent teachers and economists of the world of course.
Too bad you dont’ve any competitiors there.
You are in, perfect competition with all of my novels.
Unfortunately, you dont be seeming to withstanding their competition;
For, i always reach out to them rather than you.
Cant help it sorry.

Dont you think you’ve a surplus of ideas and theories Mr.Economics?
You seem to be indifferent to our sufferings.
And your principles are disgusting to the core.
Oh! how much we’d like to eliminate you from the market of our lives!
Rest In Peace, Mr.Economics!

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