This blog has been dead for over a month because, apparently, it’s editors and contributors have a life of their own. Can you believe it? I couldn’t.

And neither could the family of mosquitoes who read this blog. I was contacted by them recently, and their persistent buzzing and humming indicated to me that they were agitated. Since I don’t want to lose the fans that this blog has painstakingly managed to garner, I’m going to go right ahead and post something irrelevant and inane.

In India atleast.

If you were all alive as recently as a week ago, then you’ll know that a certain guy went right the fuck upto Sharad Pawar and landed a nice tight slap to his disfigured face.

That guy is Harvinder Singh, and he has balls so large and dense that they have their own gravity. Even the asteroid that passed so close to Earth was here only because of his extremely dense balls, and not because of any Keplers motion shit.

Anyway, what could provoke this dude to just forget everything that Sharad Pawar is and slap him in the presence of his supporters and the media? What could Sharad Pawar have done to attract this kind of awesome street justice onto himself?

For starters, he is certainly and indisputably the most corrupt politician in India, and since India is full of corrupt politicians, this is saying something. He’s had his hand in corruption in everything, ranging from stamp papers, to wheat (and sugar), to land, to sports. Even if he is not the most corrupt politician in India, he is certainly the most versatile among them.

He’s even shown off his..I don’t even know what to call it..when he said “Endosulfan is not dangerous“. The same Endosulfan has been banned by a number of countries in the world, including New Zealand and the United States. It’s health effects have been proved beyond doubt to be dangerous, and if you’re in doubt, just go to Bihar or any of the other states where you can see (live) the effect Endosulfan has had on children.

So does all that warrant a very public slap on the face? My own opinion is, no. It warrants a harsher punishment than slaps and public mocking. What public mocking?

People are laughing and there is a general consensus that “Pawar had it coming”. Infact, Harvinders own statement that “All politicians are thieves” gives an indication of the general mood and opinion of politicians across the country.

Everybody hates politicians, and everyone I know is disgusted with them enough to the point where they don’t care about them.

No, politician, if you’re reading this, understand that no one gives a fuck about you or your greed for money. We know you are cheap bastards, we know you are dishonest pigs and we don’t respect you. And we know you don’t give a fuck about what we think.

That’s why we don’t like you and that’s why we want to see you gone forever. And when you’re so obviously corrupt and nothing happens to you, it frustrates us.

(Editor : Who’s this guy talking to?)

So yeah, if only our judiciary were willed enough, if only our prosecutors were willed enough, then maybe we’d not see more people like Sharad Pawar popping up everywhere. And when people like him cease to exist and appear in Indian politics, then his stupid sycophantic supporters will also fade away.

As soon as the news of the slapping broke out, my entire neighborhood was shut down here. Totally. I had to take a bunch of printouts, and since I don’t have a printer at home, I wanted to go over to the mall opposite my house to do it.

But I couldn’t. The mall was shut. The vegetable market was shut. People were missing. This is fucking Mumbai. It has 20 million people. When you can’t see even one person, you know something is wrong. I mean, if you just teleported in here from Russia or something, you’d think a cricket match was on, or some revered leader had died, or it was 50’C so people thought twice before coming out.

Obviously then, life was not normal.

But why was it not normal? What actually happened was (naturally), Sharad Pawars supporters went berserk over his slapping and completely shut down life in Mumbai however they deemed it fit. And they could do it with ease since Mumbais Finest (the cops) took a step back many many steps back and just let these idiots have their fun.

And fun they had. They stopped trains, they shut down malls and markets, they stopped public transport like rickshaws and taxis from plying and so on and so forth. Why? Because their chief was slapped by a ballsy guy.

And when the crazed retarded supporters of a corrupt politician do all this, with such wanton disregard for rules, the police were busy crapping their pants and getting money from innocent bikers. Obviously, I mean, will you bite the hand that feeds you?

This says a lot about our country. This says that most Indians as such have become hardened cynics who are unwilling to be moved by anything in life anymore except their own needs. This says that a few Indians are crazy enough to go and vent out their feelings on people who they deem responsible for their pathetic life.

This also says an equal number of Indians are brainless sheep-beings who are purely sycophants and nothing else. They are people who are stupid and have the fundamentally retarded idea that if they do all this in the name of their leader, their leader will bless them (or whatever shit).

I don’t justify what Harvinder Singh did and I only hope that he doesn’t get killed by a bunch of crazy NCP supporters. But I think the underlying reason behind it is automatically justified – no one wants to pay more for something as essential as food. The agriculture minister is responsible for food and its price. Therefore, using this seriously skewed logic, H. Singh slapped S. Pawar. And once S.Pawar’s cranky dogs got wind of this, they showed us their class and upbringing.

I have a little something to say to those brainless idiots who call themselves supporters of Sharad Pawar.

Where were you fuckheaded idiots yesterday? Did you forget? Yesterday was the day when (3 years ago) a bunch of Pakistanis came to our city and killed people.

One of them, Kasab, still lives in jail. Why didn’t you stop trains for that? Will you stop trains only for your leader and not for your countrymen who died for no fault of theirs? Why didn’t you burn effigies of Kasab (instead of burning effigies of Anna Hazare)?

(Editor : Ok Dude seriously, who’re you talking to?)

Why do you have such stupid double standards and seriously, where in the fucking universe are your brains? Just as much as Harvinder Singh was caught on camera slapping your leader, so also was Kasab caught on camera KILLING people. Sure you protested back then. Why not now? What does it take to hang a man who killed people on camera? With a motherfucking gun?

Why can’t you ask your Prithviraj Chavan that? Or are all your protests just this stupid and suckup-ish? Are you all suckups? You probably are. You definitely are.

This post had no basic purpose other than to let me open my blogging account this winter. Obviously, as I have shown so many times before on this blog, politicians and their supporters have little to nothing to contribute to life anywhere in this universe.

I don’t know why I waste my time raging after them when I know this fact.



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  1. ppl get paid for stopping trains for Sharad Pawar! they get nothing when they do it for anna hazare!

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