Quickpost : Everything that is wrong with India

I actually started writing something else, but since I have the attention span of a pillow, I was distracted and logged onto Facebook.

Just kidding.

I never log off from Facebook. I’m always there. I just switched tabs and started scrolling through my news feed.

So I came across this article about our good netas. Yes I am once again writing about politics because that is simply what I am good at. I analyze half-heartedly, and spew some shitty drivel on a blog no one even reads.

For those of you too lazy to check that link out, it says that Lok Sabha MP’s are going to get iPads. Infact, they have been 50K bucks each to buy themselves an iPad. Or a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This is part of an effort to make their office experience paperless, organized and more streamlined (3 flash words that mean the same thing : bullshit).

Yeah seriously, this is the justification the LS can give when they want to blow taxpayers money on something that is not even Indian. Apparently, since our good MP’s communicate so much officially among each other about completely official topics such as the dire state of our education system and the pathetic poverty rates in our country, they deserve an iPad or Galaxy each to make this communication better.

I mean, obviously, they deserve it. It IS to improve their “job”, or the job they “do”, which also sometimes includes protesting, throwing mikes and chairs and walking out. So obviously, an iPad will improve their work environment. Now they can just throw a big black rectangular block at their fellow MPs, or defeat them at Angry Birds.

When they turn up to work, that is.

I’m going to go absolutely ballistic here and slam them all vehemently for being an annoying group of fools who feel self important because of various absurd reasons. No, LS MP. You don’t need a freaking iPad to do your job properly. 

They seriously don’t. They can just send e-mails from their computers. Or buy the iPads themselves (they already would have). They don’t need 50K of taxpayers money to help them to NOT do their job properly, they seriously don’t.

They have “sanctioned” this 50K from where? Whose money is it? With whose permission did they do this? That’s more than 2.5 crores. In terms Parliamentarians can themselves understand, that’s the sum of money lost to the Exchequer when they disrupt Parliament for one day.

In other words, it’s quite a lot of money to blow on whimsical ideas of “improving” office experience. To support the iPads, they’ll definitely install wi-fi, which will definitely be “on” all the time. So the internet charges racked up will cost the good taxpayers more.

Let’s just cut to the chase. Do any of us honestly expect to see ANY improvement happening because of tablet PC’s? Like for example, getting the Lok Pal passed or improving freaking attendance in Parliament?


I do not. You do not. They’ll get their iPad/Galaxy and give it to someone else (because they have 100’s of these already).

Obviously, this “sanction” was unanimous. Just like MP’s salaries were increased 3 times over unanimously in April last year. When it comes to themselves, our MP’s are very civil and almost polite to the point where it rains pure honey in the Sudan. They just take care of themselves so well. They don’t even need sycophants sucking up to them all the time to give them a misplaced idea as to how important they are.

They do it easily themselves. Let’s look at this other demand that has been made by our MPs. Do you know what crappy thing they now want to boost their inflated pathetic egos more?

They want red beacons on top of their cars.


They want those little spinning things with red lights so that they…what? They move faster through traffic? I hardly think so. Have they even seen real traffic? No one exactly “stops” unless they’re stopped.

Then why do they want these beacons? So that people know they’re MP’s?

I see a lot of cars with little red beacons on top of them and frankly, I couldn’t care less as to who’s inside that car. I really don’t. It’s a sarkari car and that’s all I note before going back to my thoughts of eating delicious Subway sandwiches. And I am people. Other people aren’t even like me, they won’t give even the tiniest possible fuck in the whole universe about some car with a red beacon on top of it.

No one cares about you, MPs.

So why would they want this? I don’t know. It’s been recommended by the Privilege committee and therefore I deduce that the Privilege committee thinks having this is a privilege. If it is really a privilege, it just flies way over my head, because I really really don’t get it. Apparently, they want to be moved from 21 to 17 on some random official list (read : shit), on par with HC Chief Judges outside their HC jurisdiction and Chairpersons of governmental bodies.

That’s..I don’t know. Stupid? Unimportant? Weird? Almost makes me feel our MPs feel very very inferior about something. Do they have some inferiority complex? I think so.

I also think this is just an ego-booster (ToI agrees with me). And I think they are so totally wrong in judging their importance to the people.

Instead of all this hogwash, if they actually did something for their constituencies and demanded improvements and electricity and all that jazz, then not only will their actual stature grow in the eyes of the actual people (not their little bitches/suckups), they’ll probably feel a lot more important if, for example, they’re given way on the road.

But this clearly fails to strike our MP’s.

All they think of is formalities, and image, and money, and dipshitty crap like that. Like I mentioned previously on this blog, I seriously think these guys need a big big big reality check because they’re fucked up and fucking our seriously fucked up country up (more).

They lack substance. They lack character. They are fake. I mean, if this is how they really are, bothering about stupid stupid things like iPads and increasing their salaries and red-beacons, then India is in huge trouble. I already do not respect a single person who sits in Parliament. They are all people who have some serious issues about being properly human and choose to ignore it.

Go ahead, sue me for saying that. The good breed of India’s politicians died out in the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s, and everyone knows it.

And this bothers me. Everything that is wrong with India begins with the guys in charge of it. Just like a parent will get blamed for a child’s misbehavior, India’s politicians are responsible for the mess India is in and the mess it will get into in the future.

You cannot deny it. Our politicians have their shoes tied up incorrectly and their heads up their asses, so clearly they’re not seeing things even I can see for myself (and trust me, I know pigs balls about the real world).

India has one of the highest rates of poverty in the world. Our infrastructure system in our most populous cities is crumbling. Our highways are non-existent. Disease is everywhere. Many, many people don’t see electricity or even running water (even people in cities).

No, fuck all that.

Even the shit that’s going down in South India over the Mullaiperiyar Dam is absurd. That dam wasn’t built to last more than a certain amount of time (no structure on Earth ever is). Even if it doesn’t look like it’ll collapse, it’s better to be safe than send a lot of innocent people to their watery graves. But apparently, it will collapse. And TN’s supposed savior from the DMK has taken it upon herself to say no to absolutely every single thing suggested to her.

I mean, she’s doing fuckall about it. Really?

We so obviously have highly irresponsible politicians who think more on the lines of “votes” and “$$$” than “Kids don’t eat thrice a day or go to school..what do we do?”. Our “leaders“, if you can call them that, lack will, motivation or even the occasional passing interest to do anything that will benefit India in the long run.

So yeah, India has a lot more problems than most people are willing to acknowledge. I mean, come on, forget comparing India to the US. It can’t even compare to China simply because China actually has leaders with political will (which is both good and bad). It’s charged wayyy out of our reach now. There’s just no catching upto China unless there is some serious overhaul in the system and in the quality of people who’re in charge.

Our leaders are alone responsible for the mess we’re in and the fact that they’ve entrenched themselves so deep into our system worries me. It’s like we can’t “replace” them with good leaders because they have made it impossible. As I’ve said so so many times before, these are completely directionless people who are unconcerned about anything apart from themselves.

For example, wanting an iPad and red-beacon on their cars. Did I already go through all that?

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