Nothing will ever change. Who are you kidding?

To the casual observer, this post may appear to be something like a rave or a rant about God knows what. And that is what I do. I rant, I rave. Anger management therapy got the better of my ranting and raving ways for about six months before I realised that it was not working. So, here I am.

And, on to the topic of discussion. Some wisecrack once said change is the only thing constant. How oxymoronic a sentence. But true, nonetheless. Change happens everywhere. Everywhere except the largest “democracy” in the world. Change takes place here too. Always with a positive derivative. Case in point fuel prices, food prices and everything else deemed necessary to live a normal urban life.

So, what do you mean by nothing will ever change, you ask. The system, the attitude of the people in power, the idiocacy of the people who vote for the people in power and those who work for the people in power, the civic sense of the public – these things will NEVER change. The system is redundant, inefficient and lazy. The laws are ambigious, with gaping loopholes in them, so large that people with an inclination to make a quick buck, no matter the means can literally jump through them. These are the people who end up in power. These people are assisted by members of the public who need some backing to get something to live off. It’s a vicious cycle. You are not so well off-you need something to live off-you find a crook who wants to make it in politics-you garner votes for him/her-you get your something to live off-the country gets fucked-somebody else is as fucked up as you were…..the cycle repeats.

Civic sense in an Indian = ZERO. The need to keep your surroundings clean, wherever you are, is one of the most basic feelings to man. However, the Indian is above all that. He will spit, answer nature’s call, throw trash anywhere he pleases. And yet, he will complain to any ears free of audio-related paraphernalia about India being a dirty country. You make it dirty. If you exercise some self control, it won’t be dirty. Atleast on the outside.

The cycle I mentioned earlier is nowhere near getting disrupted. As things stand, it keeps getting larger with every passing day. No hope. None at all. Even the few voices that protested have been effectively silenced. Sure, the voices murmur sometimes but they are almost gone now.

How can a citizen of this land ever claim to be proud of being one? Gone are the days when people used to say I’m proud to be an Indian. Those very things that made people say that are gone. I want to hang my head in shame when I say I’m an Indian. Call me a traitor or whatever you call such people, I don’t give a shit.

Proud to be an Indian? Not anymore.

Ashamed to be an Indian? Sadly, yes.

Ashamedly all of yours,

A former proud but now an ashamed Indian.

Posted on December 3, 2011, in Everything Else. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Raji_mythili.K

    I so agree… bt change is der… from bad to worse n so on…

  2. Mutual feeling !!! ashamed to be one now.. šŸ˜¦

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