View/Counterview : Freedom of speech and Kapil Sibal

You should all know about the shit going down currently that led to #idiotKapilSibal trending on Twitter in India. Basically, Kapil Sibal wants sites like Google and Facebook and Yahoo and Microsoft to pre-screen content before allowing their users to post it online. He says this is to reduce the chances of someone visibly hurting the sentiments of any community (any religious shit) and so on.

But popular opinion says that he wants to clamp down on any anti-Congress or indeed, anti-Sonia Gandhi or anti-Rahul Gandhi views on the internet. This has led to people claiming that he is one of the worst sycophants to ever pop out of the fuckedup train that is the Congress and is competing with Digvijay Singh for the 1st prize in “Top Sycophant Award”.

UPDATE (thanks to a genius guy from IIT)

I mean, think about this : So far the Government requested only 8 items that were propagating hate to be removed, but wanted 255 items that criticized the Government to be removed. What does this mean?

It means they don’t give a fuck about hate speech, or anything else. They give all the fucks only about themselves.


Aside : A synonym for “Sycophant” on is “politician”. Ohmygod, this just won all internets everywhere ever.

I’ll provide 2 very conflicting views and let you decide what is what. If it’s not clear already, I really don’t think Kapil Sibal should be worried about anything. I’ll explain below.


“Explaining the government’s position, he said,  that some of the content he finds objectionable could hurt religious sentiments; other material he showed to reporters before his press conference as examples of obscene and defamatory content included representations of Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister.”

This is what NDTV says about what happened when Kapil Sibal met FB representatives somewhere.

He also said no reasonable person would like to see such offensive material online. And I’m glad he has gotten it right. I mean, if you don’t count his word-emphasis and all that. I’ll demonstrate what I’m trying to explain here :

Sibal probably meant : No reasonable person would like to see such offensive material online.

I interpret it as, however : No reasonable person would like to see such offensive material online.

And why would they? No one is nutty enough to go searching for things that offend them. With the exception of me. It’s the fuel to the raging inferno that is me.

But is anyone kidnapping someone else and forcibly showing them a LCD monitor which is displaying anti-Sonia Gandhi or anti-Parsi pages? Let’s assume the answer is no. No one is forcing anyone to see anything. Just as much as you’d like to have your own opinion on how much the Congress rocks or how much the Communists are aliens from Jupiter, others can have their crazy-ass opinions on anything in the world.

Naturally however, it should be such that these opinions don’t exist to hurt anyone with the aim of hurting. That is, no trolling or fucking with peoples heads with the intention of fucking with them. As long as you’re reasonably using your freedom of speech, the Man wouldn’t have to step in.

That’s how it should be, anyway.

Seriously, so what if someone abused Sonia Gandhi? Just because someone abused her, calling her (for instance) a muddy pig, does she become one? Why does the Congress even react to this?

I pick out this point only because it has been repeatedly emphasized by the media, indicating that this was probably Kapil Sibals motivation to get someone to sit and attempt to monitor the fuckton sized clusterfuck that is the internet.

People seem to be fixated on the fact (and they’re mostly right) that Kapil Sibal simply can’t tolerate seeing Sonia Gandhi being treated with disrespect. So its probably a natural reaction to flip out when someone who he sucked up to is being viewed with scorn and disgust outside of the world of the Congress Sycophants Association.

But it totally surprises me that this guy has still not gotten a grip on the pulse of the nation.

Dude, people hate you and your Congress and that BJP and those stupid Communists and simply every other political party that exists in India. We just want to be where we rightly should be (respected in the world for the great culture that we are), and all you freaks are stymieing that glorious dream one after the other after the other. We want India to be on top and everyone here to be happy. You don’t even seem to be making efforts to make efforts to fulfill this.

You don’t want people to be hating on you or your party, then do good for the country. Instead of that, don’t try and attempt to stifle the voices of discontent slowly pouring out from people who live here.

It shames me really, to call you my HRD minister when you went ahead and fucked our education system up. Also, lots and lots and lots of poor people everywhere. And you want to bother about what some very bored people are saying about the Congress or indeed, “religions”, on freaking Facebook?

Get real.

(I stop just short of shrieking “AUTOCRACY INDIA BECOMING CHINA CONGRESS DESTROYING INDIA HERP DERP” because I just don’t have the mind to do it.)

Ok I went off track there. Back to the point. Even if someone makes a derogatory or inflammatory comment or post or page or blog about anyone or any religion, the others on the internet aren’t exactly stupid. There are people on the internet who (unfortunately) have brains and they then either report it to the cops or to the website in charge itself.

I remember when there were these pages on Facebook which absolutely abused the fuck out of Hindu gods. I went ballistic and reported the shit out of one of those pages and also convinced my friends to do so. That page (and its 3 other clones) were deleted and the owner of that page presumably banned.

So clearly, Facebook (and other online communities) do have vague-methods of weird self-governance and we don’t want this status quo to be interrupted by some politician who knows fuckall about how the common Indian thinks.

And I made this post a long time back about how the internet laws in India have changed and become vaguer, and more mindfucking (as opposed to Swarovski crystal rainbow clear). Now add 2 and 2 together.

Do you get “I’m in fucking jail for THIS?! FUCK INDIA MAN!!!? Then you added right.

People suspect something, something like “Maybe Kapil Sibal wants to throw dissenters randomly in jail to help the Congress rule over the country indefinitely using some flimsy laws.”

Why? Because it has not been properly defined by the Government about what is “inflammatory” and what is not. I could say a million things about how the peacock should not be the national bird, and I’ll be left alone. But if I say some very hurtful things about how the toilets in the Indian Railways suck, I’ll be arrested for “hurting sentiments of the Indian Railways 1+ million employees”.

It’s possible.

Sure yeah, Facebook defines everything pretty well and also has this already established system of asking the trolls to fuck the hell off. But now that they’re under pressure from the Government, and also since they’re a multinational company (whose objective is to make a million blue whales worth of money), they will concede to the Government.

And they’re under some impossible pressure too. Just how does Kapil Sibal expect all the internet majors to sit and screen everything? Diversify and appoint people to do it? I genuinely don’t want my personal messages to be read by some freaky IIT nerd.

Or create an algorithm to do it? I know precisely zero things about computers, so I don’t know how hard that is. Maybe they already do it (you never know).

His motivations might be genuine. India is a country of people that are easily offended. Or he might have some ulterior motive. Maybe he can’t stand to see such popular opinion against his party. Maybe he thinks the internet is where people live now and that must be stopped in order to destroy free thought and make everyone sheep. Who knows?

Indeed, who the fuck cares eh?


I think Kapil Sibal is right when he says the internet should be monitored. Aren’t your comments in this blog monitored? Why? Because we don’t want :

1. Spam

2. Trolls

3. Meaningless comments

By extension, what he wants to see happening in India makes sense, right? Forget the fact that he is a Congress stooge and clearly can’t think for himself. Let’s examine what he said : He wants internet majors to monitor posts people make before it comes online.

Why is that wrong? A lot of people were hurt when those pages containing horrible images of Indian gods came up. Venom was spewed and rage flowed everywhere. Death threats were issued on that page. Thankfully, Facebook acted quickly in response to the hundreds of thousands of page reports (for abusive content) and deleted all the pages.

Clearly then, Indians are very easily offended.

This is why good artists like MF Husain had to flee their home country. Tolerance here is very low, as is understanding. People are still feudalistic and immature in their thought process. I mean, I don’t for a second justify painting Hindu Goddesses nude (with sexual connotations behind it), but if that’s what he wants to do, then I’ll ignore it and him. What I can’t see can’t hurt me.

Unfortunately, this is not how Indians think at all. They want everyone to toe their line or get out and walk on the highway to fucking Idon’tgiveafuck. And since a million different Indians are bound to have a million different views about a million different things, some kind of shit or the other will tend to go down.

And obviously since “Anti-reservation? BUT INDIA NEEDS RESERVATION! YOU ARE A VILLAIN, A BAD PERSON. GTFO” is a reaction seen more commonly than “Anti-reservation? Fine whatever we both know who is correct here”,  shit will happen and happen in a bad , horrible way.

MNS and Shiv Sena activists, for example, destroyed cyber-cafes in Mumbai because of anti-Marathi and anti-Shivaji posts made on Orkut. Because Orkut exists in cyber cafes? That’s the kind of absurd premise most lunatic miscreants act on.

So to prevent more of them from destroying public or private property, or to prevent anyone from getting hurt in this easily-offended country of many opinions and low tolerance, Kapil Sibal wants people to be a little careful about what is posted. He probably knows its futile to ask people to listen to him (that train left the station when the Primeval atom exploded), so he’s doing what he can : throwing his ministerial weight behind the next persons who can control what is online (the websites themselves).

Obviously, this precautionary measure taken by Kapil Sibal isn’t going to do anything. No good, no harm. All its going to do is make sure Facebook is sure to do its job properly. Why won’t they? Now the ministers are on to them. They can’t slack off. They’ll make sure the number of “offensive” pages comes down.

I’m going to go straight ahead and say the thing that’ll irritate people the most : Sure you have freedom. But it comes with responsibilities. When you misuse that freedom, it’s the duty of the one in charge to make sure no one gets hurt.

I’m not even kind of suggesting the man who say zero loss was caused to the Exchequer by the 2G telecom auction is a goddamned hero for proposing all this.

All I’m saying is, take this with a pinch of salt. Yes, the internet needs to be monitored simply because more people have access to it now and riots over a stupid Facebook page created by some fuckhead cursing BR Ambedkar is unwarranted and unnecessary.

Do you get my point?

It’s better to be safe than sorry is what I’m saying.

Now you decide who or what you’re rooting for.

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  1. Madhuraa Sircar

    Eat crow, India! So much for harping on democracy. We fare worse than Pakistan and China when it comes to government trolling the internet to get back at dissidents and critics and haters. One may argue that there is less freedom to start with in the two countries. In that case, now we are in the same league as them, which is no comfort. Read here about India’s net censorship stats

  2. No, seriously, how the heck is this even important? How the heck does it matter? Bloody bastard wont do anything about the country but he wants to discipline the internet crowd? Seriously? Wtf?
    So according to him corporates and educational institutes asking for ‘caste’ and ‘religion’ in the forms is not an issue but ‘online content’ is an issue??!!! sonofabitch! I wish somebody slaps him, or worse, burns him alive! :@

  3. Cheers gal ! feeling absolutely te same stupid mindfucks !!

    • im not a “gal”..i assure u im 100% male.

      • Raji_mythili.K

        lolzzzzzzz…… U The man… chilll 🙂 🙂 a tap on the forehead post.. I think i’d really jus go wit wat chetan bhagat said…loosely edited… “honestly, I dnt lik some of d crap written on the internet, bt i dont like it evn more wen its nt allowed to write… ” freedom of speech is more important.. rather than curbing or monitoring (imagine d manpower or d money into a hypothetical algorithm they might build 😛 ) i think they shld educate ppl on how to handle sensitive material.. offensive material is offensive… bt d degrees r der… As far as i kno.. Democracy means d same.. offensive is still offensive be it the US or India.. no one in US is nt gonna lay down if some1 publishes offensive pics of say christianity or something.. so y do laws hav to b made different.. we r all human ain’t we.. we can learn to respect right?

    • Shruti, Hi 😛 Wisetongue is not me 😛

    • Raji_mythili.K

      d same feeling …. if they want no one to write crap abt them they shld do their duties … they’ll slack off at work n we r supposed to say “oh no Mr.government official ,we’ll lick ur feet no matter wat” is it?? seriously…. Mr.Sibal ..STFU!!!!!

  4. Very nicely written.jus curious though,is the writer a sun sign gemini or a libran???

    • 1. how does it matter?
      2. do i know you?
      3. refer 1.

      • How does it matter??
        Well most geminis are sultans of speech and can charm the pants off you.naturally they are good writers too and can make a weak point very strong and can pretty much convince you abt anything
        While librans cant make up their minds about anythig usually.every thought of theirs is immediately replaced with a contradiction of that same thought.

        You provided such a good view and counterview.Thats why i aksed

      • Raji_mythili.K


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