Part 3

Here we go again.

I could write about Bollywoods 10 most underrated movies since 2000 (I definitely will). I could also write about the BBC’s anti-India bias. I could write about 5 of the most exciting Indian cars below 10 lakhs.

Seriously, I could. I’m not because of many things – I’m in my final year and even though I spend most of my 2 hours awake/day on Facebook, I should eventually introduce myself to my books and begin my academic work. It’s got to be done.

But unfortunately I just HAD to see TV today and get infuriated by those idiots in the Parliament blabbering away. So I returned to the blog, my own platform to vent out my utter disgust at India in general.

I tried to avoid talking too much about Anna Hazare and his movement simply because it was boring me. Forget it boring the billions of loyal readers this blog has accumulated. I’m bored of this shit. I’ve said whatever is there to be said and whatever has already been said, already.

There’s just nothing more to talk about. Every single person knew that the politicians will try to pull a dick move in the last minute. And they did. No surprises there.

Will you voluntarily build a gun that shoots you in your foot everytime you walk?

It’s like that. Replace “gun” with “anti-corruption law”, and “shoots” with “arrested”, and “everytime you walk” with “every single second you exist”, and you get the picture. The men in the grand halls of Parliament are some of the worst in India and there’s sufficient proof for that. So yeah, they have all possible green-signals to do whatever they want to our country.

Why not? They are our elected representatives right? It is the fault of the electorate for putting these men and women in their high and mighty chairs of authority.

This has therefore given them the impression and the ability that they can do just about whatever the fuck they want. It is our fault. Every single thing in India that has happened till now is our fault.

Whose fault?

Yours, or mine, or your mom’s, or my friends dad, or whatever. For not voting properly, for not choosing the right candidates and for not being candidates ourselves.

We can’t sit and whine now about all this shit now (despite most of my content on this blog being precisely and exactly that), because we got ourselves into this shitstorm of a mess. We can attempt to change it, but we won’t because we’re all idiots or selfish or selfish idiots.

Whatever. Today’s India is our fault.

And a lot of people know that. That’s why they are passive to this horrible hellhole this country is becoming – because they know nothing will change and they’re not interested in changing it. That’s why you have a humongous group of people who still think Anna Hazare is doing all this for publicity, or with some other ulterior motive.

It’s because they can’t wrap their heads around the fact that someone has the titanium balls enough to stand up and stick it to The Man. This group also feels nothing will change. And this is definitely the largest group in India today – the group that can’t be bothered into giving even nanofucks about all this.

So yeah, the chieftains sitting in Parliament can confidently afford to say crap like “I suspect a foreign hand”, “Who is this Anna?”, “Where are the backward classes?” and best of all, “Do not undermine the Parliament by pressuring your elected representatives to do what you want”. They can also expect to get away after saying all this because they very people who put them there in the first place don’t care about their actions or inactions.

Yes, I am naturally paraphrasing, but this is basically the exact same shit these guys said back in August. Then everybody’s conscience suddenly came alive after Anna was arrested and refused to leave jail.

And we know what happened after that.


But that movement shocked the fuck out of the Lutyens MP’s, who are used to not being asked questions by anyone except their party leadership or journalists (in special cases, students). The outpouring of disgust was so massive that the size of their collective balls (already small) shrank even more.

It was a “tail between the legs” situation for the big guys, and they played us bigtime by buying more time for the Bill. Winter session? 3 months? Tch.

In August, even people of the passive self-important group that doesn’t give a fuck at all switched loyalties. They did that because of the total stupidity displayed by the Government in handling the Anna issue. There was shock, then rage, then disgust because of what the Government was so flippantly doing and saying.

So the Government played it safe, bought more time for the Bill (Read : Wait for Indians to forget about it) and waited for things to get back to normal. And now that they are normal, they’re back to their usual vocal tricks and this time, they won’t repeat the mistakes they did in August (read : No arresting Anna Hazare).

And life will go on in India as usual. It always does. India amazes me only because of one thing : Life still goes on despite the powerful tide that attempts to stop it (called politicians and bureaucrats).

And they know that.

Yeah ok whatever I’ll stop my rant now. Let’s just see what happens tonight in Parliament.

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  1. No point with ranting or raving !! India wil still suck its stupid political democratic dick. its of no point. all this is for what joy dude?…even if 100’s of youngsters blog like this those stupid politicians wud just brush it aside like it’s sum dust on their shoulders. bastards wud always be how tey r ! they wont change. they r like boulders in the beach which doesnt have any use but jus stays ter and at times prevent water from coming to the shores… these politicians jus do wat tey are best at !! robbing money and giving out false promises!! you kno wat ?, you can’t blame ppl who vote. Even if i vote a so called gud leader,either he never gets te post or in the end he also becomes corrupted. so wats te point ???… If Kasab can still enjoy in jail despite his horrendous terror attack killing innocent lives, If kanimozhi can team up with Raja and rob crores and still walk out free, If India is determined poor but each of her politicians turn filthy rich day by day…then there’s still no frigging point in you talking like this ! Accept it dude !! we are in a lame country where money can make anything happen !! and it makes me feel so sick !!

  2. Raji_mythili.K

    Why cant Anna have germanium balls to actually become a part of the government n then do all of this… I mean.. seriously… enough whining n threatening…. that disgusts me more than the government itself… either u do it yourself, or elect a proper person who can do it…or dont crib about the state of things… don’t elect some bloody spineless nut-less person n den crib n whine about they not doing their duty…. apart from that.. i agree.. unless and until something affects them very directly… ppl are totally blind to d matters of the country….

    • why should one be an elected representative to get things changed? can’t we ask our existing leaders to change things? are they so thick skinned they won’t do what their employers want?
      then its time for shit to go down (and im totally serious).

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