The Indian Moral Police Saga : Epic Fail Edition

Over the last two days, an Andhra Pradesh DIG and the women and child welfare minister of Karnataka have crossed the realm of “Utter Bullshit”, and entered a new region called “We’re just HERPIN DERPIN IDIOTS”.

This is nothing new and fails to surprise me any more than you would be surprised if you saw me standing behind you right now. I mean, since when has any Indian respected any person in power/authority of having an IQ of anything more than the IQ of a potato?

So you get my point. Those guys are idiots.

Dinesh Reddy, our good DGP in Andhra went right ahead and said the clothes women wear directly influence whether they get raped or not.

CC Patil went one step further and said he doesn’t personally favor women wearing “undignified” clothes and that they must be aware of how much skin they reveal. Also, he felt “the moral values of men declined” when men see women in skimpy clothes.

Here’s the rebuttal from a woman.

As a 20 year old man with fully functioning reproductive organs and a brain, and a not-so-thick-skin, I feel insulted. Really, this is like a slap on my face. I could say “Fuck it, they’re idiots” (I already did) and stop there, but I can’t. Who hired these..blowhards? They’re just stupid stupid carrots, because they’re just so dumb and pointless I can’t even insult them properly.

Are these guys even kind of remotely suggesting that men are horny animals with no control over where their dongs are pointed? Are they even remotely suggesting that we don’t control ourselves because when we see a woman in a tube top and hotpants, we want to further our genes?

That’s kind of a back-handed slap isn’t it? It’s not just insulting to women – its just as insulting to men as well. And I just have this strong feeling that these guys are men themselves (citation needed), so basically they’re insulting themselves too.

Let’s take a look at what CC Patil said. Now imagine if he sees a woman in a tank top and a skirt on the road. Will his moral values decline enough for him to rape that woman?

If he was reading this blog, he would deny it. But why? I’m just using his own logic against him. He said “men” , so its correct to assume he is talking for all men in general. And he is a man. So is he indirectly saying he’s a potential rapist? And that women better be covered up 3 times over if they’re in front of him?

Ok so maybe now he will say “No I meant some men”. Ah. Lawyered.

So good, he will now probably understand that “some men” are stupid enough to be crazy, crazy bastards and don’t respect a woman for who she is. And instead treat her more like a sexual child making machine.

And what’s his job? To make sure he protects those women, who for no fault of theirs except the fact that they’re women, are potential rape victims depending on the amount of skin they show. He is the “Child and Woman Welfare Minister”, isn’t he?

Instead, our boss here appears to have had an epiphany and has begun commenting on these issues (all garbage), and then saying thats his personal opinion. What a misogynistic sexist.

This is not how the world is now, sir. Rein in your horny bulls (I won’t call them men) and make sure none of them touch my female friends or any female non-friends I may have.

I’m not even going to begin to point out the very obvious flaws in what our AP cop said. Actually I will. His first flaw : He’s a fucking cop without a brain. Cease to exist, man.

Rape is a crime, since it is sexual intercourse without permission. If the woman doesn’t consent and a guy still forces himself on her, it’s rape. It need not even be rape. If he even touches her lady parts without her permission, its molestation. That’s also a crime. It doesn’t at all matter if that woman was butt-naked or covered in plastic gauze.

The man does not have permission until the woman says so, and anything done without permission is a violation. And if this cop can’t realize that, then I’m wondering what “cop” duties he is actually doing. What’s he going to say next?

“It’s the fault of the urban people to tempt poor robbers by buying all expensive goods. It’s not the fault of the robbers. Maybe people should spend less and be less obviously rich.

“It’s the fault of the victim to have provoked the murderer so much that he got murdered. Who can resist provocation?”

I’m just waiting for gems like this to come out of the stupid mouth of this brainless cop, because it’s all derived from the same logic of what he has already said.

How do guys like this become cops if they think like this? Their duty is to serve and protect, not to release pearls of wisdom as to who’s to blame during rape (hint : rapist).

Not every woman who is just going about her day wearing what she likes is a big time seductress asking for it, cop-ji. Blame the man with the stick that won’t go down. It’s his fault. Throw him and everyone like him in jail.

And for God’s sake, will someone stop hiring misogynists to be authority in India?




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  1. whoever you are, wherever you are, THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS. 🙂

  2. Raji_mythili.K

    thank you… seriously… I’m glad someone pointed out the right solution, ” men have to change their mindset about women”

  3. What did the cop say? He only said showing a lot of skin is more likely to get you raped. If statistics support the claim (which is likely) then that’s how it is. You needn’t take it as a personal affront, or as a damning verdict against all men. Some men are horny idiots. Period.
    We’ve had a lot of bullshit statements like, “Women shouldn’t dress provocatively”. Women are free to dress in any way they choose, and it’s entirely wrong to apportion even a little bit of the blame to their dressing sense if they get raped. But this just looks like an honest assessment of a sad situation, not moral policing.

    • you contradicted yourself. women can show how much ever skin they want. its upto men to NOT rape them.
      why should showing more skin means more chance of rape? thats absurd. are we animals?

      • Read my comment again man, I haven’t contradicted myself anywhere. I never said it’s okay to rape a woman who dresses revealingly. I said the chances of a woman being raped are statistically higher if she’s scantily dressed. That’s what the policeman said too.
        Why do you need to slam him for stating a fact? He hasn’t condoned it. He’s just stated what happens.
        I know you dream of a society where women can flaunt it all they want. Who wouldn’t? But we have a long way to go to get there.
        You should understand that women also value their safety. The guy was just telling them what to do if their priority was not getting raped. He’s not oppressing them or trying to bottle their spirit, he’s just saying, “If you wear a miniskirt, some random asshole (not representative of men in general) MAY try to force himself on you.”

        • See, everyone’s aware of that fact. Its obvious and common sense. But, no thank you, nobody likes to be reminded of that fact or it doesn’t need pointing out. Nobody wants to hear a cop say that ‘stead of saying something like “we’ll catch him or lets punish him”. Seriously. Its like, adding fuel to fire. And its infuriating to hear. What’s the woman supposed to do? Shake her head, lick her wound and say alright i get your damn point?
          Basically, its offending. No matter how true it is.

        • Raji_mythili.K

          i’m sorry but he’s talking abt rural places… You think villagefolk wear provocative clothing? and even then, assuming they are, i quote over here ” if that woman was butt-naked or covered in plastic gauze..”, a duty of a policeman is to give protection.. I got harassed even today while standing in a bus stop and please my college wear is no way provocative! I think you ought to read this

        • And my point is instead of saying such shit he should buck up and make sure said random assholes don’t touch women. I don’t care how obvious anything is, men have to change their mindset about women in general.

        • he’s a cop. he should be ashamed to be stating such statistics.

      • You guys are totally missing the point. I defend the DIG’s statements to the hilt. I’m going to write an article about it, right now.

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