Top 10 Indian Actresses :)


This is inevitable. I’m 19. I just have to do this. So here is a list of top 10 Good Looking Indian actresses. In any order you like. You think someone else should be on the list? Tell me in the comments below!

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Update :

Check out the list of people I’ve missed here in my next slideshow, or check out some good-looking American TV actresses instead.

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  1. Uhmmm…you mind adding Sonia Gandhi?? No one act like a good person better than her..
    and..Shakeela??! :-\

  2. Shriya !! Where are YOU ! ?

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Lets vote out someone from the list and bring in Shriya ? =)) So whom do you wanna vote out ??

  3. WTF !!
    Where is TRISHA ?? And BIPS ??
    And preity is nt pretty. :|.
    And I want my queen kushboo here !! 😀


  5. No Shriya, Trisha? ?!

    Vidya Balan should be one and Dia Mirza 2 !!

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