A Public Message .

Consider this :

A girl and her guy are out on a date .They’ve ordered food !They’re doing the “romantic talk” ! ( Lulz )

Either he is soo bored already ! Or He's holding back a Fart .

And so now they have kinda hit a break.
Ran outta topics to talk.
And the girl starts to panic.
This is what that goes thru her mind :
” Oh no. Why is he not talking to me. Dont I look good ? Does he not like the color of my dress? Is my hairdo not good ? Did i say something wrong ? Did I forget something ? His birthday ! NO ! His best friends Birthday ? His dog’s birthday ? No,it’s not ! It jus got over last month ! Why is he like this ! He never shares anything with me…”

And this is when the guy suddenly,arbitrarily smiles !

That smile is sooo turning on !

Now the girl is in extreme mental turmoil.

“He just smiled ! But he dint smile at me ! Did he smile at that bitch sitting behind me ? Why did he have to smile at her ? Is he going out with her ? Is he cheating on me ! Ah ! I can’t handle this ! Did he bring me here so that he can break-up with me ? But,I love him. He is so cute. No,wait. We’ve jus been going out for a month now. I don’t love him. He is good but not that great ! But,he is very sweet to me and thats what I like most in him ! Why is he doing this to me ! Oh ! God ! Please I don’t wanna break up,please not today ! If he doesn’t break-up today I’ll do a special prayer for you ! No. I’ll be strong. There are many more fish in the sea,but…….”

Suddenly the guy frowns .

Look at the joker frowning ! OH WAIT ! Thats the AMERICAN PRESIDENT ! A.K.A The joker . Fuck,jokers too cool a description ! Bimbo-head seems fine .

Now her BP just hit the roof.
Having mini heart-attacks by the moment.
She sweating all over.

Sweat or not,I'd do her any time .

She looks left to right to left.
Now she starts praying ! A sincere prayer….
Now its time for the guy’s version !
“Gee,Finally she has shut up ! She nearly gave me a headache with the constant talk ! And yea ! UNITED won yesterday !”


That is why he smiled !

And then,what really happened was….
He looked at his watch and frowned.
Cos its been quite sometime since they ordered the damn food !

Sphagetti has never given me this feel ! Aaaah !

See,all you ladies out there.

Stop thinking so much !

A guy’s brain doesn’t work constantly like yours.

Guys are capable of thinking !
But,you girls OVERTHINK !
And fucking complicate !
And you make it sooooo….


Written with the WELFARE of all the young couples out there , in mind !

Posted on January 9, 2012, in Just For Laughs and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. How true.
    That will really make me shut up for a while.

  2. XD
    I’d say fun post. ;D

  3. Pwahahah…you are a friggin pure genius!!…I am going to subscribe this!

    nd yes we overthink! Guilty as charged!

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      All from experience dooooood ! πŸ˜€
      And ohh ! You could “LIKE” our FB fan page too ! πŸ˜€

  4. wisetongue19


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