Pure Rage-Results!

“Engineering subjects are the easiest to pass!”, said my dad in the middle of a special edition lecture after my results had come. I was standing in one corner of the room staring at his face, because you are not in a position to talk at that time!

“An engineering seat is the easiest to get! You have to struggle harder to get a B. Com or a B. Sc seat.” – followed.

Very true!

Considering the number of seats are greater than the number of applicants every year for engineering. If you are rich enough and can shed a couple of lakhs for a seat, you get one!

Pictured : Engineering college

No one really knows what happens to you when you get in. This is not about engineering colleges. My friend has done a brilliant job already here and here. This a rant about engineering in general.

One wise man once said “Getting an engineering degree is like giving birth to a baby. The end result is very nice but you never know how many times you get fucked in the process!

I never came across or could think of anything more precise and perfect for this entire experience.

Where do I start?

The engineering syllabus is like TN State Board stuff. If you are a mugger, you are a 9 pointer ! The dilution of engineering education is so high that its soo bad. You feel you were better off at school ! And yet, its called a professional degree! Innovations, new ideas, out of the box thinking never happens here because whatever you learn is never good enough for all that !

Your peers will always consist of :

1) 20-30% wanting to an MBA after their Engg who will give a shit about any technical or related stuff at all (like me),

2) A mighty 40-45% simply sit staring at the walls wondering why they ever took Engineering (Hey i fall in this category too !),

3) And the remaining 10-15% only talk about some technical presentations, seminars, quizzes and MS in the US !

She's going to Harvard.

Midst all this when semester comes we shut ourselves from any form of social life and sit to study. Full Throttle. We work our asses off to decently perform in those papers.

Like how every story has a climax, this one does too ! But this one , with a bad twist !


Finally I got where I started. This word can freak and force the shit out of any engineering student simply because however nicely you do a paper, the chances of you failing exists! I swear!

This is because bitches, whores, sluts and their sons correct papers! They vent out their anger while correcting papers.

Husband bad on bed?

Wife cooks horrible food?

Mother-in-law troubling you?

You will know because you would have failed in a paper in which you were expecting above 85%!

Okay. I failed. 3 papers! What next?

Apply for reval maa” (short for revaluation), said this lady who handled Power Electronics for me.


It is the biggest scam ever. Period! It is bigger than (2G + CWG + Satyam)x 2 (Editor : That’s BIG)!

I SWEAR again! I am literally swearing now! (Editor : No you’re not..)

My sentiments.

A stat in some site revealed that a mind blowing lakh and fifty thousand (1,50,000/150,000) students apply for revaluation for their papers every year! What the actual fuck was that! Just imagine, if each student paid ten bucks to get their papers rechecked, the amount of money they earn! And now, we all know that it costs not less than 300-400 bucks. If you want the xerox of your answer sheet they charge 300 bucks extra.


No one knows and no one asks!

Invariably, most of the time your marks never change! Why not? Ego issues! When have we ever accepted our mistakes?

His issue, her issue, that issue, this issue and in the end – my life is gone!! My fucked up GPA is struggling to touch 7!!!

What next?

The postmortem ofcourse!

Why? How? Why not? Why me? WTFFF??? Which leads to head ache–> loss of appetite–> misbehavior or weird behavior–> and definitely the uncontrolled swearing spree!

Where is the solution for all this??

Damn it! I am still searching for that needle which in the haystack.


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  1. does anyone know this little thing called “bit” ?

  2. True feelings on an angry ‘budding’ engineer! 😉

  3. Instead of all this, why not pay the entire reval amount for all subjects right up before joining, and -get- (buy) the degree in the first place? Saves 4 years.

  4. All hail autonomous colleges.

  5. Even re-appearing in the exam is Rs.100/–
    But for revaluation – Rs. 400/700/3000
    AU exam valuation is a piece of shit..

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