iOS vs Android : My POV.

Yeah even I’ve become intermittent on this blog. Damn my exams, I just seem to have them all the time. I even had to wake up at 2 am to write one of my papers.

So dear fans, do not weep. I am still alive and well. I know you all miss me.

Now I have a break and I’m making the most of it by posting on this blog. I don’t want to lose the flow you see, especially since I harbor dreams of becoming a journalist. Let’s get down to it.

Recently, I managed to procure an iPhone 3GS through dubious means that involved several obese pigs, one big green umbrella and the heavily militarized states of Azerbaijan and Chile. I then added this phone to my growing smartphone collection (2) of various Androids, WP7s, Blackberrys and other iOS devices. I really love dem phones. [ EDITOR : This guy was super-stoned when he wrote this. Apparently he ate ‘shrooms which were smuggled into India from Taiwan. ]

Anyway here’s my lowdown on the two OSs’. I hope to bring everlasting peace to one part of the internets with my valued and expert armchair opinion.

iOS 5

I have an iPhone 3GS. Admittedly, this 3 year old phone is an outdated dinosaur in the fast moving world of technology. Heck, the 4S is sickeningly faster, with much better RAM and graphics options. And Siri. Come on dude, Siri. Let it go, the 3GS is old news.

Well its not. RAM and the GPU doesn’t really matter to me. I’m not a hardcore gamer and I use apps minimally. The phone does lag a little here and there, but that’s a given to me. That’s ok. I don’t have very high standards when it comes to phoning (is that even a word).

I love :

The thing that attracted me the most about the iPhone and iOS in general was the fact that it offered podcasts by default. I could subscribe to anything and listen to voices through my headphones droning on about something you people will find uninteresting and boring.

That shit is totally cool. I love it. I love listening to the weekly TED Talks, I love listening to Dan Ariely’s behavioral economics podcast, I love listening to WNYC’s Radiolabs and I love my music player in general. It’s phenomenal. The amount of detail that has gone into giving an ‘at times attractive, at times normal’ UI is awesome. It’s just so perfect. There’s not one complaint I have about the intuitive UI so far.

I love the screen. Not the resolution, but the screen. The fact that I’m able to see what I’m doing on the phone equally in bright sunlight (typical of India) and extreme darkness (typical of a mysterious dude like me) is awesome.

Now Apple has introduced iTunes U. iTunes U is phenomenal and I mean it. There are a fuckton of interesting courses and speeches and collections from a shitload of interesting people, Universities and organizations. I really can’t wait to go through all that once my exams are done in May.

And for people who do read actual ebooks (how’s that like?), iBooks is even more awesome – with not a lot of interesting free books in iTunes but more available online if you search for them. And for those who say “THERES NO RADIO HERP DERP”, you don’t need one. If you want a radio, get a Nokia.

I don’t love :

The lack of mobility within the phone.  There’s not a lot of customization you can do, including setting your own ringtones and alarmtones.

Facebook was 12 MB, now its 110 MB. I can’t clear the fucking cache, so I have to delete and install the app again. The absence of widgets means I have to take the more laborious method of actually going all the way to settings to switch on wifi. That’s stupid. There should be, like, a button or something.

Bluetooth is also mysteriously refusing to work on my iPhone and I remember very vaguely about this being a problem with iPhones so I’ll assume it is, without Googling it at all. That’s journalistic standards for you right there : talking out of your ass.

Also irritating is the battery life. I use it intensely for a couple of hours and the battery drops from a 99% to 24%. It’s almost insane, because all I do is take photos and play a couple of games on minimal screen brightness.

So that’s a problem. And the phone becomes hot pretty quickly. The glazed surface which looks premium gets smudged because, this is India and I sweat litres of sweat. So I’m forced to get a cover for the phone in which case people won’t be able to determine if I’m using an iPhone.

So the entire purpose of having one is lost. If you can’t show it off, then forget it.

I’m also not really happy with the fact that I have to go through this really complicated process of loading songs I have not gotten from the iTunes store (which is all songs I have), in order to listen to them. It’s dumb. I really prefer the drag and drop method.

I also hate the geo-blocking Apple indulges in with iTunes. If I want to get a bunch of movies, I can’t. I’m in India. I can change locational preferences to the United States, but then I wont be able to download any movies because “They are not available in my region yet”.

So in conclusion I’d give 4 smiling faces out of 5 for the iPhone experience.


Googles iOS ripoff isn’t as bad as people like to make it out to be, neither is it as good as people make it out to be. It’s not average either. It’s all over the spectrum. I’m perfectly happy with my Samsung Galaxy i5801 Apollo, but honestly that phone is shit outdated and at times creepy. No really, it sent a bunch of my friends meaningless messages such as “AAASSSSJJFFFEEUUCCCWWWW”. All unexplained horror aside,

I love :

Widgets. Multiple home screens. Unbelievable personalization. Ease of use including the drop-down that controls Wifi, Bluetooth, Sync, Wifi-hotspot, Silent/Vibration and GPS. That’s just all right there – in the main homescreen you get when you begin using the phone. Ease of use is phenomenal – there’s no need to set it up with anything like, say, a Blackberry or an iPhone. You just get it and begin using it (after linking it to your Gmail ID of course) but that’s it. It’s stupidly simple to use.

I’m also sure guys who actually know a thing about SDK’s and stuff will have nerdgasms when they get Android on which they can install concepts that fly over my Cyanogen. I’m not like that. My Android is rudimentary and I’m not a nerd. I love the fact that most free games and apps are small in size for a phone that offers very little inbuilt memory (256MB) and inability to load apps on to the SD card.

I can also clear cache and keep available memory at 80MB, which was fine for my phone. The Android market is not restricted at all so you can find ANY type of app there from ANY where in the world. I saw quite a lot of Korean/Japanese/Chinese apps and I did not download them for security reasons.

I can just get a bunch of songs, dump it into the memory card, get another memory card if the existing one is full and put more songs in it. That’s not special to Android but it is fun having full control over what media is in your phone and what isn’t.

I love the fact that Google is integrated into my phone – which means I can use all Google apps, including some really cool ones like Google Goggles and Google Night Sky – and it works. I’m not sure about this on the iPhone.

I hate :

The smaller presence of apps in the Android Market. There’s an app for everything on the iTunes store – every single website of repute has an app. But that’s not true with Android. I literally had to wait for 7 months (SO MUCH TIME) before released their Android version of the Cracked reader.

There’s also this nagging problem about malware on the phones and the fact that I’d have to download stupid anti-virus programs on my phone. That’s annoying. And though this isn’t exactly a problem with Android as such – I really hate the bloatware that comes with any Android and can’t be removed unless you root the phone. For example, Samsung comes with 2 annoying apps called “Layar” and “Thinkfree Office”. I understand their good intentions while gifting us these apps for free, but why the hell do they include it and not give us the option to delete it?

Space is at a premium in my Android and when some stupid junk apps I never even use take up 40 MB of my space, it gets really irritating.

In conclusion, I would give my Android 3.2 Smiley faces out of 5.

So there it is – both are not on par and sometimes not even comparable since they don’t offer the same thing. Comparing an iPhone and an Android is like comparing a BMW and a pickup truck. Both do different things to the best of their abilities while being automobiles with 4 wheels. While I’m certainly happy to use my BMW, I don’t shy away from using my pickup truck either.

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  1. Jailbreak your iPhone. It’s easy, fast and secure. Experience a whole new world with your iOS device. iOS without it’s DRM is like the best smartphone experience.

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