Photography to the ‘Untrained’ Eye

If you’ve not been hiding under a rock over the past year or so, you would’ve noticed that there has been a staggering growth in the number of people roaming around with cameras on them. And I’m not talking about those ‘cheap’ Sony Cybershot cameras which Deeepika Padukone is brand ambassador for. I’m talking about expensive, high resolution, bulky DSLR cameras.

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera is what I get when I Google DSLR. What it means, and why it has only one lens is beyond me. Photography aficionados all over the world raise a glass as a toast to this ‘wonderful’ invention. Never mind the fact that it burns a hole in your pocket, what with its myriad lenses and other accessories. It takes amazing pictures, so it justifies the unjustifiable cost. This is what a photography enthusiast who had recently splashed around a Lakh Rupees (Read: A lifetime’s worth of food at my favourite Paanipoori outlet) on a new DSLR set (I say set because a camera alone won’t do, lens ARE a must) had to say when I asked him why: “Dude, the DSLR is basically the best medium by which you can capture the beauty of the world around you. Look around you, you see so many amazing stuff which you won’t see everyday. The lens are what help you capture the moment in all it’s beauty.” This, when I asked him what he was doing courtside in a basketball court when a match was in progress and where there was every chance of his 1 lakh camera+lens being smashed to smithereens.

I agree with the Dude with the DSLR. I concur with him on the fact that there are many beautiful things around us. What I do not understand is his definition of a beautiful thing. Or rather, a unique thing. The same guy was spotted some time later photographing a leaf on which there was a drop of water. Isn’t that the most clichéd photograph ever? Agreed, it is a beautiful thing to look at. How exactly is it unique though? Photography according to me is something which is meant to preserve moments which you’d like to cherish later in your life, like a dinner party with friends, a family re-union, a trip with your family, a photograph of a tiger in a forest, stuff which may never happen again. An inexpensive camera with a fairly decent resolution should do for that purpose. Photographing water droplets on leaves, your shower head, smoke from a stick of incense….these are things you can create on a daily basis. True, they look good. But are they worth spending a fortune on?

I know next to nothing about photography. This is just the way I feel about those roaming about with DSLR’s slung around their necks. As stated in the title, I have an ‘untrained’ eye for I ‘fail’ to grasp the beauty of the world around me. The world is a beautiful place. Capturing a bit of it by burning a hole in your pocket is not my idea of fun.

If you beg to differ, the comments section is right below. Fire away at will.

Till the next time,


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  1. @Ank : I consider any waste a heinous crime. I never said that my definition of photography has to be agreed upon by the rest of the world. I just said that I don’t see the point of it. If people cannot express their opinions, then this blog, why even any form of media is pointless. I repeat, I am not imposing anything. I just expressed my opinion.

    @Mohan : Thank you. I understand what you mean by saying a picture is worth a thousand words. When the same picture can be taken with a camera worth 10k, why splash so much of money on a DSLR? The cost is justified if you are a pro, because you get paid several times over. Dilettante photographers are just wasting their money. I’m sorry but I couldn’t understand your last sentence.

    • A heinous crime?! Really?!
      And well, you contradict your own point.
      A DSLR performs functions that a 10K camera cannot. Thats the whole point of a DSLR. Also remember, people who want to learn professional photography buy DSLRs.

  2. I understand that its not YOUR money thats been burned in the process?
    As long as its not yours, i think its best to shut and leave them photo enthusiasts be for,
    1. maybe they’ve money to burn,
    2. maybe they dont know what to click and for some it may just be some desire.
    And yes some do it for the heck of it but does your definition of photography have to apply with the rest of the world too?

    Speaking of the water droplet on a leaf sweetheart, thats like the basics of micro photography; if beginners cant get that small things like those right, they cant really get the other big ones right.

  3. Hi friend,
    Nice post. But it is not only for cherishing moments it is already said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Every one is not blessed in life to see the beautiful things around them, at least they can see that through the eyes of others (photo). Coming to Resolution it just makes the pic most beautiful to watch (just imagine to watch the world with blur eyes). One more thing a water drop on leaf, don’t you feel happy to see sachin directly than in a photo(if you are a cricket fan).

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