We’re one year old

I have to take some time off from my academics (WOHOO) to write this completely non-eloquent post of gratitude to all the people who made my group blog the success it is today. This list includes but is not limited to :

1) Random people googling for images like “FUCK YEAH” or “#winning”. Thanks for the inadvertent views.

Pictured here.

2) Spammers who originate from the United States and Canada who try in vain to comment on images mentioned above. These suckers are prevented from successfully doing so because of the multiple layers of comment security provided by WordPress for exactly this.

There's legions of them out there.

3) Spammers and autobots who attempt to comment on posts by typing very meaningful phrases such as “xjfhfh333311”.

It's probably some inside joke spammers have I don't know about.

4) A couple of cats that have been with us since day 1.

5) The 10 or so of my friends who share the bullshit that is written on this blog after encountering my incessant persistence. Thanks Web 2.0 buttons!

You're welcome !

6) VeryAnnoyedDude for keeping this blog going by spamming Facebook with multiple links of multiple posts on multiple groups and pages and friends walls.


7) The idiots who do google something like “Similarities between Friends and HIMYM” and end up on my blog. HAHA!


In all honesty, that is alone the reason why the blog is even close to a 100000 views in a years time.

That, and the fact that there was a lot of political content spewed between April to December (which is like, 80% of our existence) and the readers were in a mood for such posts.

But that’s not all that this blog somehow managed to vomit out. We posted about a variety of things – from paani puri, to transport in India, to football, to sexiest actresses. We’re awesome.

I genuinely love that.

Here’s a list of things you can expect from me from May onwards, when my exams end and I suddenly have 24 hours of the day to kill :

1) Ten most underrated Bollywood films since 2000.

2) What is Apple’s problem with India?

3) Ten most overrated Bollywood actors.

4) Scariest Hollywood films ever.

5) Why dogs are pretty much the most sensational animals ever

6) What India’s problem is.

7) What Indian football needs

8) Why China will stop succeeding after a point.

That’s all I have planned for now (which is quite a lot, to be honest). Stay tuned? That’s a lame thing to say.

Stay tuned (I’m a lame dude) and keep reading.



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