Am I back?

Ok. I have spent quite literally 4 months of my life totally not blogging. I was instead busy drowning myself in books.

I mean, trust Mumbai University to come up with an half-assed excuse for final exams (3 exams had their question papers “leaked”), and also hold the exams right in the middle of the season when it’s so hot, even mosquitoes are too tired to bite you.

For example, this is where I write my exam.

But the “drowning” happened anyway and I totally didn’t enjoy sleeping for just 4 hours a day for 5 weeks.

I’m a pro-sleep guy and waking up to study is the second worst thing that I can think of. The worst thing I can imagine waking up to is news of Manchester City winning the Premiership.

So what happened just when I was beginning my academic means of death? Quite a lot :

1) The IPL started. Again.

2) Many scams were unearthed in India. Again.

3) Mamata Banerjee did something crazy. Again.

4) The RTE created controversy. Again.

5) The Army was in some bad publicity. Again.

Actually not a lot. It’s the same old thing..right? And because I’ve been itching to comment on those 5 issues over the last month, I’m going to do it now. In one go.

1) Fuck the IPL. It’s boring. I couldn’t care less as to if Chennai won or lost or if Pune fans destroyed their new stadium. Seriously dudes, unless some super controversy happens (like Dhoni involved in a punch up with some fan) or unless they legalize fighting (which explains why the NFL and NHL and MLB are popular), the IPL is going to sink.

Crappy Verdict : Boring to the core, even more than listening to the Boringtons talk about their boring native place Boringpur, over a cup of Boringtea, at Hotel Boringstar.

"Today, the Rajasthan Indians are playing the Bangalore Kings in yet another semifinal after beating the Kolkata Daredevilzzzzzz..."

2) Toilet scam? Seriously, I’ve written so much about this that I’m sure that I’m some kind of PC-armchair-pseudo-expert on this. But when you have new scams being uneart –

Fuck it. I’m simply not interested. This country is fucked beyond the word beyond.

Crappy Verdict : This country has truly gone shit crazy. This insanity churns my bowels. What a bunch of money hungry loo-natics. Something something toilet joke.

Pictured : Evidence that owners of stock photos are deranged.

3) Mamata Banerjee is crazy. Arresting a dude for making a dumbass, stupid comic is just..stupid. I love what The Economist has written about her.

Crappy Verdict : Crazy woman.

Is that so wisetongue? lol you're going to jail now.

4) This will be my longest mini-post (because I’m super serious right now).

Firstly, The RTE wants private schools to have reservation based on income (ie, poor students) but that doesn’t apply to minority schools? That’s got to be the worst double standards ever, given how the minorities are claiming to be “under privileged” in India. Are they saying they’re more under privileged than poor people? That makes no sense.

Also, trying to force private schools to share the burden of catastrophic policy failure of 40 years isn’t going to help. What I mean to say is, there are precisely zero private schools in many, many NON-URBAN regions of India.

There are public, corporation schools where education and food are free, sure. But most of the times, teachers don’t turn up. If they do, they don’t teach. It sucks to be a 10 year old kid in a school in, say, xyz district in Jharkand.

This means the Government has failed public schooling monumentally. By Government I mean Congress, since they were incharge of India for 50 out of the 60+ years we’ve been Independent.

So now, after paying direct income tax plus an education cess towards education, (did you know you pay education cess when you buy petrol as well), middle class parents have to shell out more to send their children to quality NON GOVERNMENT education, because the Government has failed in providing just that.

I mean, look at the Government, they’ve failed to provide decent quality education to the millions and millions of impoverished Indians. But then, they went “hey look – Private school. It’s got classrooms and teachers and a non-leaking roof and everything. Let’s put some of these poor kids there.”

Now, they’re attacking our conscience, saying “SUPPORT THE POOR KIDS”. Schools will raise fees or avoid the law altogether (both of which are bad). If schools raise fees, parents living a tooth and nail existence would have to pay for educating other kids multiple times in the same year, as well as their own kid. It’s horrible.

This is the last thing I want to be criticizing – childrens education. But what they’ve done is not equitable, to me atleast.

Completely Crappy Verdict (Golden Edition) : Education is becoming utterly horrible in India. It’s all kinds of messed up. 

Angry watermark pig does not approve of this nonsense.

5) Recently there was some controversy if the troop movements that happened outside Delhi in January were the result of a potential Army coup.

No, it wasn’t a potential coup. The only people who will get their asses handed down to them by our Army, are our enemies, be it the Cthulhu or even the 121 Yetis hiding out in Himachal Pradesh. Not some dumbass politicians and their pathetic 21 convoy cars and Z++++ security.

Our Army is better than that.

Crappy Verdict : No coup. Our Army is too awesome for that.

They're busy doing awesome things in the sky, like flying. Because fuck Newton and his gravity.

So that about rounds it up.

To my fans (all 2.4 million of you), I’m going to blog regularly from now on.

And for those guys who hate my boring blog posts (all 3 of you), I’m going to blog regularly from now on. Feels good to be back.

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  1. ‘All 2.4 million of you’.. huh? kidding 😉

  2. Awesome post to start blogging again! 😀

  3. finally!! the blog’s alive 😛

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