Anna University MAY/JUNE 2012 Exams CANCELLED !

In a surprising turn of events Anna University has announced that the May/June 2012 Exams have been CANCELLED due to Administrative reasons. This come as a shock to students who have been slogging day and night to pass atleast in the Re-Evaluation since only a meagre 21% of students pass their exams first time around.

When asked,Mr.Pradeep Ali alias padipaali,a third year student studying in a reputed engineering college just 50 kms from the city said,”This is a huge disappointment to students like me as i have spent too much time studying,without even looking at posters of movies, espcecially Avengers”.

His brother Mullah Mari who is in his first year said,”It’s a welcome relief for first year students as they are still tired from having prepared and written their previous semester exams”.

Anna University

Anna University further added that,this semester’s exams are cancelled for good and won’t be held any time in the future. Previous semester’s GPA will be the current semester’s GPA for all students.
Also,the arrear exams will be held during the ‘working days’ of the next semester’s and all those students writing them will be awarded OD’s.

Mr.Mannar Jawahar,Vice-Chancellor of Anna University refused to comment as to what the “Administrative Reasons” might be.

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