Patriotism ? LoLWuT ?

DISCLAIMER: I don’t hate India. I was born and raised here. I love it as much as any of you do. Prorably more!

This independence day, Facebook is apparently conducting a competition to find out who is the most patriotic Indian from the status update of various people across our country!

Only today(I-Day 2012) patriotism oozes and spills out uncontrollably out of millions of Indians not only in our country but around the world. Tomorrow, everyone will be back to normal, spitting on the road, throwing garbage on the road or standing in front of the US embassy!
Why is it this way? Are we Indians to be blamed for projecting such a selfish behavior or is it just our country?
For all those people who updated an over EMO patriotic status on Facebook today, I just have one question to ask you. What exactly are you so proud about this country?

Patriotism comes out on occasions like Independence day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanthi, India -Pakistan Cricket matches. That’s all!
I have friends who support ManUtd or Chelsea as much they support India during cricket matches. So, is this called patriotism? Bitch please.

Some common reasons given by people for calling themselves a ‘patriot’ —
–> India has unity in diversity!
Very true!  The divide was created by us and now we have realised that such religious divides shouldn’t exist!
But our country doesn’t seem to think that way, otherwise we wouldn’t be having the quota! SC ST OBC BC…etc! Colleges, govt posts, every-F-where!
The only kind of unity in diversity I see is how rich and poor people struggle to live together in the same place! The quota system should exist on economic grounds and not on religious grounds!

–> India is a very intelligent country!
Undoubtedly! What is the use? All of them are sitting in the US, UK or getting mauled in  Australia!
They leave the country for their better future, only for it to be ruled by the good-for-nothing UPA!

–> India has so many languages, cultures, etc!
Agreed again. So what? I am from Chennai. I don’t know Hindi. I go to Delhi. I am screwed. On top of it, they call me a ‘madraasi’ and laugh at me,mock at me and more often than not diss me!
In what way has this ever helped you? I am not against the existence of so many different kinds of languages or cultures, but what is there to be so proud about when you actually suffer because of it ? Okay, me not knowing Hindi is my problem but if I am gonna get mocked at for it, there is the problem!

Patriotism like I said before, in us Indians comes out during Olympics (ONLY when we win medals BTW ) and Cricket matches only! We paint our faces with orange, white and green, cheer our players, whistle and cry out of joy during these matches!
It is just pure unadulterated entertainment! Even my neighbor ‘maami’ cries everyday watching tamil serials!  Even she adores all the characters that come in her serial!

Patriotism is such a made up word!  No one can really answer a question like, ‘Are you a patriot?’.  We take time to think before we answer. If asked why, we take even more time to answer!

We Indians just call ourselves patriots to be politically correct. We aren’t triggered by anything to portray any patriotism.
One thing I can very confidently say! We are not to be blamed! Never!
Why do we Indians wait for the smallest of chances to go off to US or UK or Australia? Why does every father look for a ‘Foreign Groom‘ for his daughter?
I say, we have absolutely no reason to be patriotic! *ba da dum tssss*
Being born here, this country has given us so much blah blah blah, all that is there, by default. Looking at things beyond that!

1. We pay taxes for nothing!
Absolutely nothing! So many Indians! We can see the number of people who are rich. We can see the number of Audi’s and BMW’s on the road. They all must be paying taxes but still we take a loan for every major deal, be it an infrastructural developement or defense development or just anything!

Every time a calamity strikes, the CM’s fund or PM’s fund doesn’t have enough money to help the people. We have to donate, do fundraisers with Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan.
Where does all the money go? We all know it. We don’t care or we just don’t have the time to. We can’t be blamed again! Realization has hit us! WITHOUT MONEY YOU CAN’T SURVIVE IN THIS COUNTRY! Continuing in this topic will take me to corruption and Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev which is not my intention.

2. Scarcity of POWER!
We are living in the 21st Century for God’s sake where life without power is unimaginable. Industrial developement has been continuously happening without a pause. All our ministers and politicians know it but none bothered to think on how power for all these industries will be provided!

In Tamil Nadu, there is load shedding of minimum of 1 hour everyday. City- 1 hour. Suburbs-upto 12 hours A DAY! Not kidding.
Rates of power per unit has been increased. Steeply. Power bills are now twice of what they used to be and soon to the thrice.
One hour might seem so small and manageable. The effect of this power cut and its price hike is so big. Sadly most of us don’t know or don’t care!

I might be deviating but I have to talk about this. Ordinary grocery shops you visit everyday which is air conditioned and has refrigerators for cooling essentials struggle to manage this power crisis.We enter a shop and shout at the shop guy when he has’t switched on the AC’s or when the bottle of coke you picked up from the refrigerator isn’t cool enough but none of us think about the fact that cost cutting is one the main reason behind this.

Refrigerators are not kept ON continuously in the nights or during the power cuts. Most of the shops don’t have a Gen set or even if they do they can’t afford the diesel for it.

The ice-creams inside the fridge, melt and freeze and melt and freeze which makes lotta harmful bacteria grow in them which is directly responsible for the increase in the number of people falling sick nowadays.
That was just a small example of the power crisis. If you actually think more about it, you will never feel like eating food at all.

3. Food, Fruits and Vegetables – Their quality :
Inflation is always high. The only thing that keeps beating its own record after Bolt is this.
Fruits and vegetable prices are always high. We spend nearly about 500 Rs on vegetables alone for a week! Okay, Let’s assume I have lot of money to buy how much ever veggies I want. But, Are they really good? My mom just threw 2 whole kilos of Ladies finger into the bin because they smelt of pesticide/insecticide/whatever-cide. 50 Rs straight down the drain.
Poor people eat it no matter what because its frigging 50 Rs and cannot or do not want to imagine how unhealthy it is.

4. Pollution, Population :
Everywhere there is dust, noise, garbage, drainage. Not to forget the number of people everywhere. After a point it gets really irritating.
No roads but so many cars. So many shops but no parking spaces. No one plans and no one bothers and no one plans to bother the inept government. Extra facilities to make you (a customer) comfortable through a shopkeepers point of view don’t exist because he struggles to make profit above all the aforementioned issues.
One cant walk on the road freely, out of fear of stamping on someone’s spit or out of fear of intercepting someone’s spit-projectile! Garbage is thrown everywhere. When the same guy goes to the US he will search for a bin and throw stuff!
Why would anyone want to live here ? Please tell me.

Be the change you want to see…….   Sound so exciting, right!?!??
You can always say that to anyone and make them shut up. What change can you do? When you, yourself are busy trying to fit into somewhere in this crazy society?

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  1. a seriously good post 😀 😀
    and i truly agree about the language problem. been there. experienced that :\ :\

  2. Wo! Too much truth for others to digest on a go! 😉
    Really true and strong! =)

  3. Wo! Too much truth put together for people to digest! 😉
    Really true and strong! =)

  4. turbosexaphonic

    thanks 🙂

  5. Exactly wat i feel bt nevr found the words 2 express it… I lyk da way u ve organised ur thots… shows hw its nt sumting simply said fr da sake of it… I cn see da effort thats gone behind it 🙂

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