The Invasion.

Something is wrong. Too wrong.
Darkness. That is all I can see. Emptiness, that is all I can feel.
And my head hurts. Hurts so bad that I want to shout at the top of my voice. But then, I am scared. Scared of shouting. Scared of the darkness, of the emptiness, of the void.

All that I remember is random noises, shouting and screaming. They feel so far and distant. Ethereal like.
“Defiib on him ! Now ! Stand back and……”

Why is everything so silent ? Eerily silent. Where is every one ?

“Plug it in ! Get Doctor Bowyer…..”

Where am I ? I move my arms. Then my legs. They seem fine. But my head. God, it’s killing me.
I try to get up. Excruciating pain shoots through my body. I fall back into, what seems to be a soft bed. I try again. More pain and more agony but I manage to sit up. Who the heck turned off the lights ? And where is every one ?

“Sir, it’s time.”

I manage to stand. I feel like I have been hibernating for the past 20 years or so. Every joint aches. Movements are slow. But, am moving. A small victory. I walk around, groping around in the dark, hoping to catch hold of something or some one. But, there seems to be nothing around. Very strange. And will some one switch on the goddamn lights ?!
Suddenly, a strange rumbling, the whole floor beneath my feet shakes. And it vanishes as soon as it came.

Finally, I make contact with what seems to be a door knob. I twist it. Nothing happens. Pull it. Nothing. Push it. Absolutely nothing. And then, the rumbling again.

Suddenly the wall in front of me swivels and I feel the floor beneath me moving. Transporting me to another dark room and the wall shuts behind me shuts with a hiss. At the far corner of this room, there is a door. And there seems to be light on the other side.
I walk, slow and steady towards the door. But am still afraid. Afraid to talk. And why am I afraid ? Beats me.

“Do you understand the complete hazards of our little experiment…..”

I finally reach the door. I know I should open it, but I hesitate. Again, that fear. A morbid fear. Why ? And why is it so goddamn silent ?!
I muster up courage, slowly turn the knob. The door opens with a click. I slowly push the door outward.
Bright light blinds me. A welcome change nevertheless. I wait till my eyes adjust to the change.
I seem to be in some kind of a corridor. Looks like a hospital. But filled with a lot of strange equipment.
And then I try shouting, but all that comes out is air. No voice. I try again, this time a li’l better, a feeble voice escapes my throat.

And then after a couple of tries, I shout aloud,“Hello ? Any one out there ? Any one at all ?”
My voice reverberates across the hall, but no response whatsoever.

The whole scene in front of me seems all too weird. It’s like people left half-way through what they were doing. I shuffle across the hall, peeping into every room. And all reflect the same scene, people were busy doing something and then they had to leave immediately dropping whatever they were doing. What in the hell did happen here ?!

And then I chance upon this solid pied cube. Something like a rubik’s cube with only a circular button on one of its sides. I take it in my palm, feet it around and click on the button. The cube lights up, emanating a strange light from within. Suddenly, a man stands in front of me. This scares the shit out of me and I drop the cube and I take a couple of steps backward.
It seems as though the man is translucent and more of a holographic image and he seems oblivious to the fact that I am there.

With a grave expression on his face,he says,“They are here. We have nothing to defend ourselves against them. You are all on your own and from now on it’s every man for himself. I wish you the best of luck. This is plausibly the last message you will receive from me. Over and out, this is your President signing off on May 12,3012AD”.  And then the holograph flickers off.

3012 AD ? What the ? 

AND then I understand everything that has been happening. Suddenly everything is clear as the light blue sky.
I understand why am here, how I ended up here. All the random thoughts and voices suddenly make sense.
The thoughts about the experiments, the doctors, everything, every-effin-thing made sense now.

But. Why is there no one around ? What ha-

And then suddenly the rumbling, again. This time more powerful than the previous times, nearly pushing me off my feet.
And then I turn around.  To see this thing hovering at the far end of the corridor and then I know one thing for sure.
I should run and that is exactly what I do………………………

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  1. I really, really liked the narrative voice for this and the mystery was very suspenseful. The main character’s sense of fear and repetition worked well. You might want to check for typos, though! Seriously, a nice little piece.

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Thanks! Am planning to write a sequel soon. Stay tuned! 😀 And oh, i’ll proof read ze text better next time!

  2. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Good one 🙂 Good thing you wrote mine’d have been horrible 😀

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