3 reasons why everything is wrong: Rainbow edition

Today I restart blogging.

I’ve actually tried to post political rantings a few times before this, but I didn’t. I have multiple drafts saved up, and I’ve even deleted many.

No, I don’t have writers block, I am just too stressed and busy to actually type out 3000 words which will be read by mostly autobots. Yes, the very same soulless internet dwellers that try to comment things like “LOL12 HEY BBYAUSTRA @*@!& XXX LOL IF U M$$#”.

But today’s historic Supreme Court judgement just motivated me to start writing trash again. I just had to do it, albeit in a simplistic and laymans POV kind of way.

Pictured: You

In a closely watched ruling about the rights of many LGBT individuals in India, the Supreme Court of India basically said:

“Lol we can’t do this, guise. Only them in the Parliament can. We aren’t the legislature and you know it. And btw, this 140 year old British law is totally Constitutional too. It doesn’t violate things like equality and liberty that’s mentioned in the in the Preamble, or fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution or anything.”


The fucking British man. Them, and their stupid crumpets and their stupid misplaced Victorian morals…and accents…and…and rain and colonial era rubbish laws. Why do we still even follow British era laws anyway?


You know what the worst part is here? The irony. The British themselves legalized homosexuality way back in 1967, a full 107 years after their law was forcibly imposed on all of their money mills stolen property colonies. India didn’t keep up, because socialism.

Here we are, in 2013, where more and more people are becoming accepting of things they don’t actually understand, but are confident wont harm them. Except in India.

It just makes sense for Indians right? It’s not like gay Indian people have enough to deal with as it is. Now, first and foremost, they also have to deal with cops who can harass them, apart from their families, and general popular culture and several hundreds of millions of ignorant people.

Are they actually going to have to go back into the closet? If that’s not the saddest thing I’ve ever typed, I don’t know what is.

No seriously, the ignorant comments all over the place about this are just utterly wrong. Take a look at this load:

I would think of something witty, but I'm speechless now.

I would think of something witty, but I’m speechless now.

1. Being gay is not unnatural



First, what the fuck is natural? Is “what is commonly seen in nature” natural? Then why are we wearing clothes, using the internet and eating cooked food? I don’t see, say, elephants or even the motherfucking honey badger using Twitter while dressed in totally suede clothes.

So if being gay is “unnatural” then so is taking a shit in a toilet or using a mobile phone. Scream and yell instead, its the natural way to communicate.

If by “natural” it is understood that “what humans typically do”, that argument also deserves to be thrown into the sun, along with comet ISON. Now we are arguing about “socially constructed” concepts that just happens to have been accepted since time immemorial. This same socially constructed nonsense is also being seen and portrayed as interchangeable with science. That’s just plain stupid. And wrong.

“Socially constructed” is very different from “rock solid fucking science”.

To enunciate and make this a little clearer, you can throw a person off a building if they feel “gravity” is unnatural. But you can’t make that person go and have sex with another person from the opposite sex, if they don’t even feel it for that person, just because you think anything else is “unnatural”. Why are you even bothered about who does what in the bedroom, you sick perv?

In summation, being gay is not “unnatural”, whatever the fuck unnatural means, and here are two links to prove it:

1) The WHO removed Homosexuality from their list of “mental” disorders in 1990.

2) Wikipedia provides a useful resource of gay animals to those who still want to think being gay is unnatural. Suck it.

2. “Gay” isn’t something that can be cured, and isn’t going to kill culture.



This is just a continuation of the previous point. I’m saying this to specifically reinforce the point: there’s no such thing called “gayism”, caused by liberal Western values or otherwise.

If you’re hating on gays so much that you want them to be cured, odds are that you’re gay yourself. Then stop frontin’, man. Step out and enjoy the rainbows, like for real.

Stop saying things like “It’s ruining our culture” and “its against the scriptures” and blah blah. There are subjective things, which are open to interpretation from everyone, and there are objective things, that are true regardless of how everyone looks at it. Our “culture” isn’t a defined, static concept and it never has been. That’s why we have Mughalai food, Bollywood and online matrimony.

None of these existed before, so why are they accepted now?

Best advice: it’s best to not mix things your great-great-great-great-great-great granddaddy created – culture – obviously subjective – and something objective and real and tangible – like homosexuality.

I find it extremely odd that a person would suddenly try to quote the scriptures and then quote how being gay is the evil of the entire world and how it will cause a complete human calamity. No, it won’t. It’s just a bunch of dudes who like other dudes, or chicks who like other chicks. Quoting a bunch of ancient revered books is the last resort of people who have run out of arguments. It defies logic.

You know what is more likelier to cause a calamity than Broseph McStevegay? Nuclear war. Or cigarette smoke. Or unemployment. Or even global warming. Definitely not Broseph. Broseph just loves men, like his straight father loves his mom. It’s just as simple as that.

And no, the “liberal” West isn’t imposing it’s “homosexual agenda” on anyone – they’re just a liberal, slightly more egalitarian society who like to look at things from all perspectives and decide which works. Even they weren’t like this always. It’s taken time, but in a 100 years, women, minority races/religions AND gay people are slowly becoming accepted all over the world, particularly in the West.

Why not in India? Apparently because people think “gay” a “sinful liberal hippie scripture insulting disease”.

Come on man, even Kanye disagrees with you.

Okay this is becoming tautological. Nutshell: if a person is gay, he’s gay. That’s it.

It’s not propaganda, its not alien invasion, it isn’t insulting to you, it isn’t even a disease, much less one that has a cure.

That’s like trying to cure “left handedness”. It’s just how your brain is wired. There’s no cure, because its not a disease.

I honestly don’t know why people are gay, or why they choose to be gay. I don’t get it either, but I don’t judge. Who am I to judge? Who am I to (incoming sociological word) impose heteronormative opinions down their throats? This is why I can enjoy Freddie Mercury’s music, NPH’s and George Takei’s humor and Ellen Degeneres’ general awesomeness.

Because I don’t judge. Maybe it’s best if we all STFU and let people do what they want eh? Speaking of people who judge and who feel insulted and enraged by gay people..

3. If you’re offended by gay people, you’re probably offended by everything.

If a man who likes other men, or a woman who likes other women offends you, then you’re just downright weird. You know what man, you probably offend them too, what with your liking the other gender and whatnot. Ew.

If you are one such person, odds are you fall into a very narrow category (that has a lot of people in India apparently):

1) You’re offended by people of the other religion/you’re intolerant and have a lot of contempt.

2) You like to think of yourself as traditional and morally perfect ie you’re prudish. You also judge a lot.

3) You think deviating from “tradition”, (which you haven’t bothered to think about at all), is a huge sin.

4) You think “Western values” don’t overlap with “Indian values”.

If you fall into any of this, congrats! Baba Ramdev and his wonderful “looks like satire but is real” way of life awaits you.

The Dude sums it up nicely.

Me however. I see people who are extremely poor. I also see people who have polio and other physical deformities. I see various other marginalized people.

400 200  100 years back, those people would have been met with the same reactions that gay people get today: “Ew what the fuck get away from me and take your stinking cootie carbon-di-oxide laced air out of my face”. It just so happens that it’s happening to gay people now, just as it happened to other minorities who were all “rescued” by the Government because they were viable vote banks.

It’s upto the same Government to probably step up to the plate now, because the Supreme Court didn’t do what I honestly expected it to do.

Naw fuck it. Who am I to question to judgement of the Supreme Court? I am sure the (respectable) judges spent hours and hours poring over this. They’re not idiots. Getting to even become a Supreme Court judge is extremely hard, so I respect the verdict, but I disagree with it vehemently.

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  1. Agree completely. Except for one tiny little quibble.

    “India didn’t keep up. Because socialism.” What does that even mean?! The left has always been at the forefront of championing the cause of the oppressed or the minorities.

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