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Why do so many rapes happen in India?

My thoughts on pulping Doniger’s book. Your “liberal” mind won’t like it.

Just a little something about Madam Doninger and her diabolical trolling that got her a lot of free publicity (ergo sales) of her asinine, rubbish book.

Swat of All Trades

Ok I’ve been reading a lot about this Wendy Doniger and her book The Hindus – An Alternative History.  

When I got to know of the book and how Penguin was going to destroy all the copies of the book in India (I use the word destroy, because the word pulp only paints a picture of tomato juice in my head), I wanted to know why. My sister logged onto Twitter, read a few lines about how the cover picture is of Krishna sitting atop a group of naked women (on one of their backsides, mind you) on the cover page, and how Shiva chopped handsome, young Ganesha’s head off because he suspected an oedipal relationship.

I know all of you are ranting on about lack of freedom of speech, and Siddharth Varadarajan has cancelled his contract with Penguin and Arundhati Roy wrote a sarcastic open letter to Penguin…

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