Just move your cursor back over there and read what’s in those 3 pages.

You are presumably annoyed at being babied like this, but I can assure you that some people may get confused by this site and they need babying.

I certainly don’t want to do that, and neither do the other authors. But then again, we do work very hard and spend TEN MINUTES writing random blah and we want you to read our blah.

So, if you are not “some people”, then that’s cool. Have an ice-cream.

If you ARE “some people”, then please read those three pages. THEN have your ice-cream.
Respectful Regards,

Bored-out-of-his-mind Admin.

  1. Prasanna Venkatesh CB

    Great work!

Ok now say something. It's still a democracy in this part of the world.

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