Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I am confused by this blog.

I highly recommend you don’t be.

After some digging around in the WordPress Themes, I found this one theme (that is in use right now) that gives the best and most user friendly layout both to readers like yourself and writers like my posse and myself.

All you have to do is go back to the homepage after you’re done here (click on “Home”), scroll down and choose any topic/title that appeals to you.

Or if you don’t want to do even that and are of the species “extremus slothus lazius“, then you have it right there on the left hand side of the page, all arranged neatly by category, month and day. 

Or just type anything in the search bar, located prominently below the half-orange, dark and light blue buttons.

The half-orange button is the RSS button, and if you’re using Mozilla, you can straight away subscribe to our shit and it’ll be right there on the toolbar whenever you open the browser. Always.

Join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (for some vague reason even I can’t understand) while you’re clicking buttons. What’s the worst that could happen?

You simply can’t go wrong.

2. DUDE, How do I comment?

Do you have a Facebook ID you’re signed into right now? Then connect with Facebook and comment on our blog. You don’t need to give an email ID or anything.

Similarly if you have a Twitter/Wordpress ID, then use them to comment on any blogpost you like or really really hate. 

If you’re unwilling to do that and want to be an anonymous supersecret person, then give us a name (any name, be creative) and any email ID (haha, spam your friends inbox) and comment.

The email ID thing is necessary so we know you’re real, flesh and bones and not some random Transformer or Rajnikanth.

Going over to the dark side,

Butt Chocolate

  1. Haha. noice shit you guys got going on here people. Check out our site (, it’s similar, but yet different.

    Oh and that one about chennai being not all that sucky was sweet, but sounded a bit too biased. Nice writing but.


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