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  1. dis blog is going to be legendary 🙂

  2. Well, THANK YOU! *bows* n its nice to know i’ve made someone emotional for once for i only seem to make people cry 😛
    Am glad am onea your “crew” now yaayy 😀
    Cheers! 🙂

  3. I must say, you guys have a penchant for crappy stuff. uncyclopedia with a desi touch. this is good stuff.

    hats off to you fellas. keep up the good work,

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Please dont insult us by comparing us with uncyclopedia. We consider ourselves way more awesome. 😛
      Anyways thanks for your feedback. And Yes. Your Friends will love to read this blog,so pass it on ! =D

  4. Amazing stuff! I put off reading my book and sat up (its 2:47am now 😛 ) to read ALL of your (whatever i set my eyes upon) entries!
    Sarcasm is too good; the ones that dealt with the government and the Election Time one is hilarious! Made a very good read and had me in splits (my bro prolly thought i was possessed) when i frowned the whole day 😀 😛 Well yeah thanks for that!
    On a serious note, the Very Angry Post did evoke strong feelings and yes it did make my blood boil so if you guys start any activity going against our beautiful govt, please lemme know so that i can give my damn good full support!
    Cheers! 🙂

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Ah ! Amrutha !
      You jus made my day ! Ohh,wait ! All our days,the whole craptivationize crew ! People like you inspire us to come up with more stuff !
      Thanks a ton !
      And do visit our blog frequently and yes,pass it on to all of your friends !
      And its good to know we are giving people sleepless nights ! 😀

    • wisetongue19

      that is a WINNING comment. now you have encouraged my fellow authoring brethren and myself to churn out even more nonsense. thank you.
      please recommend this blog to your friends, and there are a lot more to read. 30 posts infact.
      i advise you to check everything out if you have the time to 😛
      thank you!!!
      Emotional Wisetongue

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Haha ! I have never seen wisetongue emotional ! Hats off to you ! You seem to hav touched a nerve ! =D

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