The Authors

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  1. You are incredibly disgusting and hilarious. Your blogs are just what 17 year old female sciencees need for inspiration, and the DON’T need-because that “fat, ugly,DARK” girl stereotype is too sexist and alarmingly common=DISTURBING for said 17 year olds.
    Wish i could beet ButtChocolate. Tell him BoobMuffin says hi.

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Thanks for your words of encouragement. We’ll continue to disgust you and make fun of you and other 17 year old girls!
      You wanna beet ButtChoc ? Gawd knows WTF he is. Anyways I’ll pass on the HI,BoobMuffin.

  2. cool description of araknus… 🙂
    enjoying going through your blog guys… keep posting shit like dis 🙂

  3. u guys really are unique…. OSM !!!

  4. Ooooh I love you guys! Super blog. It’s just miiiiind BLASTING!

    • Aaaaah !
      Thanks a lot Zarine !
      And ohh. Join our FB fan page for frequent updates !
      Or jus follow us on twitter !
      And oh. If you really love us. Do both. 😀

  5. This only reminds me of the articles on 😀
    awesome blog. Rock on guys!!

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