The Wolfpack

(Click on each of the images to read what those authors have written so far)

Some say he can listen to the sound of bees humming while brushing his teeth, and that he shits gold while walking backwards over a rope that is exactly 143 m high. All we know is, he is really really ANGRY.

An freak for the environment, he will hunt you down and kill you with his Chemistry book if you even fart. Also, he’s a certified super genius. Oh, and he knows Krav-maga. And can stay underwater for upto 48 hours without eating. Then he just gets bored and comes out.

The cool dude of this blog, he will make you cry like a baby with his platinum-pure awesomeness. He’s so FUCKING AWESOME, he has an entire lorry carrying around his balls wherever he goes. He will just explode in front of your pathetic face and end you if you dare question his awesomeness. So don’t..even..try.

Humachine is what you’d get if you let a Transformer built by Nikolas Tesla mate with Batman. Yes, I just typed that.


Araknus is our resident light-saber wielding Warlock-Tiger duality. He owns all the world’s Lambhorgini Reventons. He likes suits and gold shoes. He is fully aware that he is infinitely better than Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson. Combined. He worships Homer Simpson.

Nothing much to say about him except that he will soon rule your country (and some others) because, what else can you expect from an insane guy who sneezes brain-smashing political thought?

Chewbacca does exist ! And wisetongue19 killed him. He has various other targets for elimination : Barney the purple dinosaur, Chuck Norris and of course, Bart Simpson. He does this because he’s mostly always angry and mostly always bored.

His best friend is Dexter, from Dexters Lab and he is dating various Chilean and North Korean women whose names he cannot pronounce. He is also very articulate in his desire for gourmet food and will burn down any restaurant that denies him this.


Ok now say something. It's still a democracy in this part of the world.

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