About Us

This is a group blog that contains some of the most random diarrhea that a group of guys can spew out.

We have a variety of utter nonsense here and we’re all over the International Spectrum of Internet Crap : we range from hilarious to philosophical, from serious to romantic. Also, we have a few comics that are not ripped from Google.

I mean, I’d do that but they’re so easy to make.

Ok enough small talk. Let’s get shit straight. I’ll (we’ll) tell you why this blog came into being :

I (we) want to become popular and take over the world. No, seriously.

And 300 hits/day isn’t quite doing it, so recommend this to your friends and I’ll probably let you live when I (us) actually take over the world shortly.

Peace (till then),


  1. Thank you for checking out my tiny slice of the internet. 🙂

  2. I am assuming that this blog made you guys pretty famous in your school/college/workplace, eh?

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