I’ve got a disease.

It’s a really serious disease. I thought I’ll make this announcement on the blog because of the exposure it has. I want to make you all aware of just how dangerous this disease can really be.

I guess I was born with it, or I contracted it later on in life due to unbelievable exposure. But now it doesn’t look like I’ll get a job or have the confidence to do anything, or talk to anyone, or even show my head out to the real world until this disease fades away. I have just gone into my own shell, because there is nowhere else to go.

But however there are some people who are trying to raise awareness about this horror and doing their part for the community and general well being. I suggest you see what I’m talking about.

CHECK THAT LINK OUT PLEASE. I’ll wait.The blog will also wait.

(Unless WordPress decides to randomly delete it again)

(Then I can’t do anything.)

Are you done?

Let’s roll.


Clearly my skin color is going to RUIN my life. I will not be able to interact with girls properly (as the video suggests) and I should hang my head in shame because I am dark skinned and instead attempt to do something about by applying GODS OWN REMEDY that white-washes my face into looking like I just jumped out of a powder-puff.

And that’s not bad at all.

Obviously, because white skin = good and brown/black/tan/olive/orange skin = bad. And also the way, green/blue/red/purple/gray skin = disease/deceased, so this probably doesn’t concern YOU, zombies. GTFO before I set my pet ants on you.

Coming back to my problem. I can only imagine what kinds of issues I’m going to have. Look at poor Genelia, who suffered from this as well before she moved on to become a WONDERFUL MAGICAL ANGELICAL cricket commentator-presenter. :

I mean, if I do become fair, I’ll probably gain all the confidence I don’t have already, to sound shockingly arrogant and impudent to job interviewers :

He got the job too. Because, obviously, interviewers want nothing more than –

  1. Fair skinned people.
  2. Arrogant artificial fair-skinned people.

This must be it ! THIS MUST BE THE CURE I SHOULD TAKE…to be accepted and have a bride and get a job and so on.

In a world that is rapidly becoming completely uncertain, I appreciate the efforts these sick manipulative greedy corporate shitheads multinationals are making. They are spending so much of their money to make so many of these fucking piece of shit ads Public Service Announcements and manipulating the minds of trying to inform Indians how to succeed in life.

I mean, it’s not like India is divided enough already on basis of language and religion and caste and region and village and so on. We are a very homogenous country with unique individuals, who are, unfortunately, brown in color.

I became aware of my disease when I saw that ad. It shocked me deeply and motivated me to buy 100 tons of that shit magic cream to apply not just on my face, but also on my German Shepherd.

But there are so many people who think they don’t have the “DARK SKIN DISEASE”, but are actually dark skinned, compared to the..white people we are trying to be like. People who are happily sitting in the North and the North-East seem to have fallen prey to “RELATIVE MIND-FUCKERY” that the brain does all the time.

Compared to persons like me, they are so fair. But compared to a Swede or even an American or hell, even a Brazilian or HELL, a person from Tonga – the North Indians aren’t so fair themselves. It makes me sad to think that they are unaware of this dirty disease on their skin and their reluctance to do anything about it.

I can only appeal to all of them to also go forward and buy truckloads of the magic creams that are being sold to us by well-meaning companies, because as India WE MUST SUCCEED ! And SUCCESS comes only if you’re fairskinned, whether its an airhostess, a tennis-player, a model or even just a normal human being.

Incase you did not understand the point behind this, I am being insanely sarcastically venomous about this whole fairness shit. I already made a post about that earlier, find it on the blog if you’re interested.

But I just keep getting more and more pissed as people identify me as “the dark guy” or “that tanned guy with the curly hair”. I don’t think so. Excuse me, I have a name and other features to be identified with (such as my ever present huge watch on my hand or my aura of awesomeness).

And it’s not just collegians. It’s kids. It’s old people. It’s everyone who does it. I see it in the classifieds in the news (WHEATISH COMPLEXiON WORKING WITH GOLDMAN SACHS CALL 256461461). I see it on TV everyday.

And I think all that was supposed to be in the sewer now, considering how we’re 21st century Gen-Z Indians but apparently not. It’s a mindset that won’t change and that has no justification for even existing.

So it pisses me off.

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